Binary Lotto

Binary Lotto
You Have a 50/50 Chance


The Boys in the Lotto Lab are a studious bunch.  They spend most days calculating, cogitating and contemplating everything Lotto.  It’s how they got where they’re at.  Anyway, The Boys were examining the back of a Lotto Ticket to see if there were some pertinent instructions they might have overlooked.  As they examined their treasure, they started looking at the odds of winning.   They quickly realized something was wrong…. The Boys in the Lotto LabSomething was terribly wrong.   

The Boys have always known that they had a 50/50 chance of winning Lotto Texas with any given ticket.  After all, you buy the ticket; they draw the numbers on Wednesday and Saturday.   You either hit the Texas Lotto Jackpot, or you don’t.   You win or you lose.  Everyone has a 50/50 chance of winning millions of dollars twice a week.  They’ve done the math hundreds of times.

I started to ask them about their 25 year loosing streak…. but that just ticks them off.   If you want to listen to a 90 minute rant about the “Global Lotto Cabal,”  “Evil Big Lotto,”  “Broadwind Energy,” the dangers of “Climate Disruption,” and how none of them has had a date for months… be my guest. 

The last issue is why they’re seeking a Female CEO.  They’re hoping she has a couple of friends. 

Anyway, back to today’s important topic…… it seems the Texas Lotto Commission is having difficulty with the simplest math on the planet.   Upon examining the back of their Lotto Texas Ticket, The Boys learned that the Lotto Team in Austin thinks that the chances of winning Lotto Texas are 1 in 25,827,165.



1 in 25,827,165!?!?!?

That’s Insane!!  

That’s Preposterous!! 

That’s Absurd!!

That’s Ludicrous!!

That’s Crazy!!


There’s only one thing to do.  The Boys intend to suppress this information until it can be independently verified by professionals The Boys know and trust.  Until this information is properly vetted, it MUST NOT be made public.  These “so-called” odds were published on the back of their Texas Lotto Tickets.  Henceforth, the first thing The Boys are going to do when they purchase replacement tickets is black out the back of their tickets thus obscuring this obnoxious information.

They recommend that you do the same.

RetireComfortably2_325Out of sight, out of mind.  What you don’t know, can’t hurt you.  Working together, we’ll assure that everyone holding a Texas Lotto Ticket has a 50/50 chance of winning millions.  

Just ask last week’s winner.  They could have won or lost. They WON!!  Just like The Boys plan to.  Next time…. FER SURE!!!   🙂


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