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Hyper Loop


The Boys in the Lotto Lab are Technological Prodigies.  Their expertise and insight is known at convenience stores throughout Flower Mound and the near abroad.  When The Boys talk innovations, people listen.

Anyway… that’s what it says on their website. 

Fundraising in Texas For TexansBut.. they did have a thought.  They’ve long regretted that they’re missing Texas Lottery Commission meetings.  This is bad for The Boys and bad for the Commission.    They’re certain that the Texas Lottery Commission would benefit from their intelligence and intellect.  Although they’ve been disinvited from commission meetings since the “Incident” in 2006, they know the innovations and improvements they’ve been working on will win them a prominent seat at the table.   Further, once the public becomes aware The Boys in the Lotto Lab are official participants in the commission’s proceedings, interest in and sales of Lotto Texas Tickets will skyrocket. 

The research articles they’ve published on probabilities and possibilities alone would fill a good size shoe box.  And that’s in addition to the wit and wisdom they’d bring directly to the members of the commission as they feasted on lunch on the Great State of Texas’ dime.  They Boys have long dreamed of a government job. 

Given the efforts The Boys made to save the Commission significant humiliation, they figure this could be their BIG CHANCE. 

Consider this.  The Boys recently saved The Commission from making a very public, very embarrassing error that was hiding in plain sight on each and every lotto ticket issued by the commission.   The Boys noticed that the odds of winning  the Texas Lotto were calculated incorrectly.   Click Here.  

The Boys are still waiting for a heartfelt thank you for both their efforts and their candor.  In the meantime….  The Boys and their crack research team work tirelessly to advance Research Teamthe cause of lotto by preserving the public trust with thoroughly researched information.

Speaking of technological innovations, The Boys have been reading about the new Hyperloop Train.  If published reports are proven accurate, The Boys calculate that they could be in Austin and lunching with the Commissioners in less than an hour.  They know from experience that this is much faster than standing on an Interstate 35 ramp with your thumb stuck out.  Or so they’ve been led to believe.

The Boys could drive to Austin…. but… once again….  there’s the “2006 Incident.”   These fatuous charges have resulted in the Texas Department of Public Safety imposing onerous restrictions on The Boys ability to navigate the highways and byways of the Great State of Texas… as in… they can’t. 

And the sob song begins.  The Boys remain adamant.   THEY DENY ALL ALLEGATIONS.    The Boys attribute all of their alleged transgressions to their e-mail account being hacked and to the actions of several disgruntled employees.   OH, by the way.   The Boys are looking to hire a new Female CEO.  If you know of anyone, send her their way.   You can review the Knowledge, Skills The Boys in the Lotto Laband Abilities prospective candidates must possess by CLICKING HERE.

Anyway…  The Boys have concluded that there are several extraordinarily powerful reasons for the Texas Lottery Commission to recommend that the Texas State Legislature IMMEDIATELY fund a Hyperloop Train originating directly outside of the Lotto Lab and terminating  directly in front of the offices of The Texas Lotto Commission.

Those Reasons Are:

  • Massive Increase In Lotto Texas Ticket Sales When the Public Realizes The Boys are Attending
  • Lotto Commission Access to Lotto Lab Research
  • Lotto Commission Access to the Wit and Wisdom of The Boys
  • Lotto Commission Prestige Enhanced by the Presence of The Boys
  • Lotto Commission Prestige Enhanced by Lotto Lab Credibility
  • Lotto Commission Enriched By The Boys Presence
  • The Boys, Like The Lotto Commission, are the stuff of legends
  • Eliminate the Threat of Climate Disruption
  • The Boys are Willing to Bring their Kazoo and Perform Standup if the Meetings Start to Drag

The list goes on and on.Retire Comfortably in Texas

For planning purposes, The Boys would like to know when they may expect their super sonic train and when they may expect to be put on the Commission’s payroll? 🙂


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