The Cultural Institute

The Cultural Institute


The Boys in the Lotto Lab have long been advocates of broadwind energy. What is that you ask?  Well, of course the details have been declared “Lotto Confidential,” but generally, The Boys have concluded that it is indispensable to US Independence.   To assure that we currently are independent and remain so, The Boys will do anything necessary to assure that no US citizen ever has to bow to the international lotto cabal.

You have their word on it.

To this end, The Boys have created an energy diagram.  With this diagram, they intend to create a national renewable energy laboratory.

I’m just as astounded as you are.

The Boys have been battling the international cabal ever since they were fired from… er… I mean, ever since they resigned from their day jobs.  The Boys maintain that they fell The Boys in the Lotto Labvictim to daily job cuts inflicted all across the nation.  Who’d of believed that Arby’s, McDonalds and the Sonic would decide to offshore their burgers shortly after The Boys we hired?

No matter, they’ve now found their true calling.

Faced with a challenge, The Boys devised a solution.  They are now gainfully “self-employed.”  They created a true Power Elite, with themselves at the helm.   As both the founding members and only members of the Elite, they’ve begin work on their elite theory.   To house this incredible effort, they’ve established the Cultural Institute for the Future of Lotto.  It is here that they will cogitate, ruminate and deliberate upon weighty lotto matters.

You may wonder why The Boys would undertake this Herculean task.   Easy….. Chicks Dig It!

Speaking of the ladies, The Boys have put out an all-points bulletin for a Female CEOGreat Texas FundraiserThey’re looking for someone that knows something about obtaining government funding for business.   They’ve attempted to obtain critical government funding for their lotto investment efforts for many years.  Thus far, they’ve experienced little success.   Inexplicably, they’ve sent grant applications into the Department of Defense, Homeland Security, the Office of Naval Research and Area 51.  Despite the fact that they’ve used numerous aliases and zip codes, all of their applications are returned stamped, “We Don’t Fund Blackholes.”

I wonder what they mean by that?

No matter.  The Boys are confident their new CEO will fix everything. 

There’s just one caveat.  As they’re confident their efforts will change the face of lotto forever, it should be no problem for their new CEO to get lots and lots of government cash “toot-suite.”  As their near term success is all but assured, the new CEO will need to wait for her generous $12,500/year salary until the first big win.  She can rest assured that she will be full participant in all games.

Speaking of games, make sure you’re registered for the next one.  Drawings are Wednesday’s and Saturday’s.  We play for MILLIONS!!



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