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Native Texan works continually to include all things Texas at the site.  We’ve written narratives about cities, counties, universities, state parks, and more.  We’re always expanding our reach.  This, in turn, expands your reach.  This permits us to provide those searching and finding what they’re looking for direct access to your business, church, school, or non-profit.

For example, say you have a restaurant close to Bastrop State Park.  We ensure that visitors to Native Texan searching for Bastrop State Park know about you by providing a link from the Bastrop State Park presentation to yours with appropriate edifying comments.  They’re here.  They need a place to eat.  Native Texan says you’re good.  They will probably take our recommendation.

This model will be used for cities, schools, recurring events, etc.  The concept is the same as that of an anchor store at the mall.  Everyone goes to the mall to visit Macy’s.  Smaller businesses benefit from their traffic.  You benefit from traffic developed by Native Texan.

If you refer a friend or business associate to Native Texan Advertising, we will pay you 20% of their recurring gross advertising receipts for as long as you remain a subscriber.  If these referrals are close to your business, there are things we can do to help you build a Native Texan Promotional Team. 

Here’s how a Native Texan Promotional Team may work for you.  Continuing with our hypothetical Bastrop State Park example.  Say, hypothetically, there are ten restaurants in Bastrop, of which yours is one.  Say there are 4 Italian Restaurants, 3 Pizza Restaurants, and 3 Steak Houses.  These may then be presented in Native Texan individually, by category and collectively.  So, there could be Bastrop’s ten finest restaurants.  Bastrop’s Best Steak Houses.  Bastrops Pizza to Die for.  Finally, The Best Italian Bistros in Bastrop.  Each of these descriptions provides an additional entry point for a paying customer.

You Advertise with Native Texan and tell your business associates.  They follow you.  We compensate you and work to achieve success for all by promoting your Native Texan Promotional Team, both individually and together.

We’ve designed this system to provide maximum value at the lowest possible cost.

We believe this is the best way to do business.

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