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We Tell the Story. – We Share the Wealth.
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Native Texan has Three Goals:

  • Tell the Story of Texas;
  • Share the Wealth With You;
  • Have Fun Doing it.

When you help us Tell the Story of Texas, you receive a very special Thank You!

You’re Eligible to Share Millions!

What We Do:    We buy Texas Powerball tickets and report the results. Should we win a multi-million dollar jackpot, we commit to share and share alike per the published rules. To review the rules, Click Here.

Why We Do It:  We need your support to continue our work. Everyone asks for help.  We make it an easy decision to support our perpetual efforts to Tell the Story of Texas.  We provide fun, engaging, and potentially very profitable entertainment for supporters to show our appreciation.

What’s Your Share:  We limit our pools to no more than 200 participants. The minimum Texas Powerball Jackpot is $20 Million.  Assuming Native Texan holds the sole winning ticket, your minimum gross receipts will be at least $100,000.  It could easily be much more.  When you tell The Story of Texas, you’re provided 780 opportunities to achieve Generational Wealth for your family.  For additional details, Click Here.  

The Game is Our Gift to You.
Thank You For Supporting the Story of Texas.

When you support Native Texan with a $20/year subscription, you’re eligible to share millions three times a week for less than 40 cents.

Register below, then subscribe.  We report game results to our subscribers.  Click Here to Subscribe

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