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Native Texan provides a unique venue permitting advertisers to take advantage of the Power, Pride, Purpose, and Growth of the Great State of Texas.  We’re looking for people wanting to grow with us.  To make this an easy decision, we’re offering an annual promotional package at dramatic savings.  Best of all, if you purchase today, you’ve locked in your savings for life.

Here’s how it works:

You receive an appropriately categorized comprehensive one-page presentation in Native Texan promoting your business, school, club, church or entity.  We reserve the right to accept, decline, or edit advertising for any entity or service requesting placement in Native Texan.  If you’re declined, or if both parties cannot agree upon a suitable presentation, 100% of your remittances will be refunded. 

Here are the details:

  • You’ll receive a comprehensive promotional presentation in Native Texan;
  • You may present one business, club, organization, or entity within your presentation;
  • You’ll receive Registered Texan Status.  Registered Texan Status is described below;
  • You’ll benefit from Native Texan’s ongoing efforts to attract and retain recurring visitors;
  • You’ll receive a valuable link to your site from Native Texan, raising your site’s prominence;
  • Native Texan works to create a Promotional Team for you.  If you assist in the creation of your team, you’re compensated.  To learn more:  Click Here.

Once you’ve made your investment, you’ll enjoy numerous special privileges including eligibility to share in many cash prizes throughout the year. 

After you’ve made your remittance, simply request placement instructions by completing the Site Contact Form.  Please use the e-mail you used to remit funds so we may verify your remittance.  Please put this phrase in the subject line,

“Please Provide Placement Instructions.” 

When we’ve received your request, we’ll verify your remittance and provide you with instructions.  To access the Site Contact Form, please: Click Here

Your investment for an entire year is only $89.50.  Your advertisement will run as long as your subscription is active.  In addition to placing your advertisement, your Registered Texan status means you’re eligible to share in multiple cash prizes throughout the year.  Normally, Registered Texan status is $20/year.  Your Registered status is included at no additional charge.   

When you purchase your subscription at the current price of $89.50, you’ve locked in future annual renewals at $89.50 for as long as you’re continuously active.  It’s our “Future Price Freeze Guarantee” to you.

Each time another visitor becomes a Registered Texan, we acquire another potential customer for you along with the ability to present Native Texan advertisers to an interested and growing audience.  Our Registered Texan efforts are one way we attract and retain recurring visitors to Native Texan.  This powerful benefit is included in your subscription

To learn what a Registered Texan receives:  Click Here

Let’s get started.  Please make your remittance and request instructions for placement as described above.  We look forward to helping you grow.


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