Stand With The Natives

Native Texan directly supports Texas.  

We have Two Goals:

  • Perpetuate the Grandeur and Glory of Texas;
  • Have Fun While We’re Doing it.

When you Stand With The Natives, we’ll share our millions when we win. 

Here’s How it Works – We buy Texas Lotto tickets and report the results.  Should we win a multi-million dollar jackpot, we commit to share and share alike in accordance with the published rules.  To review the rules, Click Here.

It gets very interesting very quickly.  There are 156 drawings a year.  Each drawing is worth at least $5 Million.  We’re eligible to share over $780 million a year.

Your Investment is Less than Six Cents a Day.

It’s Fun to Be in the Game.

When We Win – You’ll Be Unstoppable

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