Bryan-College Station Texas

Bryan-College Station Texas


Take a trip to the “Heart” of Texas to the town of College Station. Bryan-College Station, also called “Aggie Land” due to the huge presence of Texas A&M University, is located right in the middle of central Texas.

In less than four hours you can drive to College Station from Great State of Texasthe big cities of Dallas, Houston and San Antonio. College Station may be known for its Aggies, but the city offers much more than just a college atmosphere. College Station prides itself on being a bigger city with the warm feeling of a small town. The diverse offerings of the city range from a one-of-a-kind football game feel and a beautiful scenic campus to a gourmet dining experience topped off by an enchanting night at the symphony. 

No kazoos allowed. 🙂

Best of all, you can do all of this in one night! Take a deeper look into the excitement College Station offers.  This is TRULY the little town with a big heart.

Messina Hof Winery and Resort

Everyone loves the episode of “I Love Lucy” when Lucy gets to stomp the heck out of some grapes making them into wine. It’s unadulterated fun. At the Messina Hof Winery and Resort festivals you get to take off your socks and squish grapes between your toes.

There’s nothing better than “foot wine.”  Don’t believe me?  Ask Lucy, Ricky, Fred, Ethel or anyone else.

If you don’t visit during a festival, you can always sip wine and enjoy a tour of the beautiful winery. They even host murder mystery dinners complete with their famous wine.  Its makes for a super fun night to remember.

Dixie Chicken

The Dixie Chicken has been part of Aggie tradition since 1974. They call themselves the official home of the “Ring Dunk,”  In the “Ring Dunk,” brilliant young Aggie graduates drop their class rings in a very big beer.  The bigger the better.  Then, they have a competition beer chug.  The winner is the first Aggie to consume the beer and display the ring in their teeth.  Can you think of anything more awesome?

Remember, each Aggie class is smarter than the last.  With each class the women become more beautiful and the men become more manly.  It doesn’t end there.  With each passing year the beer gets colder and the food gets better.  You need to see this.

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George Bush Presidential Library and Museum

Take a trip back in time and learn the history of one of the most influential people from Texas. The George Bush Presidential Library and Museum sits inside Texas A&M University. It’s filled with over 40 million pages of political documents, thousands of objects from the Bush Administration along with an incredible presentation of the myriad accomplishments of the Bush’s and other US Presidents.  It even has a special section dedicated to First Lady Barbara Bush.

Never been elected to anything?  No problem.  You can be President for a moment… in a picture taken in a realistic mock-up of the Oval Office.

National Tourism Week

It’s a great time anytime to join the sun and fun of College Station, but the magic intensifies during National Tourism Week the first week of May each year. The Bryan College Station Convention and Visitors Bureau put together fun events throughout May just for tourists.  The month hosts outdoor community events and exciting contests to bring everyone together both near and far.  You may be from “Out of Town,” but they don’t treat you that way in College Station.  Everyone is family.

Aggie Football

A game in Aggieland is incredible.  Fans treat visitors as one of their own bringing them full into the Aggie gridiron magic.  Game weekends are filled with tailgate parties. Restaurants stay open late to serve the thousands of fans flocking through their doors.

The spirit is epic, the spirit is tangible, the spirit is intractable.  NOTHING matches the spirit of an Aggie game.

There’s more.  Fans are called the “12th Man.”

Ever since the day E. King Gill left the stands in 1922 to join the team, the entire student body has stood throughout the game to symbolize their “readiness, desire, and enthusiasm” to take the field if needed.

Because the students are always waiting for the opportunity to support their team, they are also willing to share the credit for the team’s victories.

Here’s an example:

“When the team scores, everybody scores.”

Whenever the Aggies score points during the game, students kiss their dates.

The Boys in the Lotto Lab are HUGE A&M fans, but… their misunderstanding of this tradition led to tragedy.  They thought when the Aggies scored, they were supposed to kiss someone’s date, not just their date.  After being forced to flee the scene, they gained a deeper understanding of this hallowed Aggie tradition.  🙂

One other “no-no” They Boys wanted to give you a heads up on.

The University doesn’t approve of you looking for a “Female CEO” by passing out flyers at the stadium.  After being escorted out for a second time, The Boys decided to enjoy Aggie Football on their Mom’s big screen.

Aside from these minor snafus, you can consider yourself part of the team. College Station may not be defined by the Aggies, but don’t try to tell that to an Aggie.  You’ll be talking to a brick wall.

Brazos Valley African American Museum

Dig into history and neat artifacts at the Brazos Valley African American Museum. The museum is the first to showcase the history of African American citizens in the Brazos Valley. It is built where one of the original black only schools in the Brazos Valley operated. Visitors can look at genealogical records, attend lectures and workshops and browse through hundreds of artifacts. Understanding our past, our roots and our heritage is of tremendous importance.  The museum will help you do that.

Get Outside

Texas is the most beautiful place on the planet, maybe in the universe.  College Station is no different. The city boasts some of the prettiest parks and scenery in the world.  It has 90 park areas with gorgeous scenic outlooks. Dirt trails for biking and large trees for sitting under are just a few of the peaceful attractions. At Lick Creek Park horses roam freely. Wolf Creek Park is home to the amphitheater where many festivals and productions are held each year. There are over 100 miles of hike and bike trails as well as 2100 acres of parks. Golfing is also a huge attraction with the rolling hills and beautiful greens.

Town Square

There was a time when everything happened at the center of town in the Town Square. College Station’s Town Square is a Beautiful Woman Shoppingbustling place with people socializing and just enjoying life. Street vendors set up and you can even catch a horse and buggy on some days ready to take you on a ride. You can stroll through the stores and enjoy shopping at its finest. Restaurants dot the Square with gourmet food and flowing drinks.  As Texas A&M is located here, there’s always an intense energy provided by the students.  It’s a heck of a good time just to hang out and watch people go by.

Adamson Lagoon

Have some fun in the sun at the Adamson Lagoon. The Adamson Pool is an Olympic-size swimming pool. It has a wading pool and diving as well. Best of all the pool was transformed into a Lagoon in 1992. The Adamson Lagoon is a mini waterpark perfect for the entire family. There are all kinds of water slides and even water basketball.

Bonfire MemorialTexas A&M Bonfire

In 1999 the iconic Aggie Bonfire collapsed killing 12 people and injuring 27 others. The Bonfire Memorial pays tribute to these people as well as the tradition itself. Take a stroll along History Walk seeing 90 years of Bonfire before the collapse. There is a Spirit Ring representing the Aggie spirit as a whole. Each part of the ring symbolizes different parts of the Bonfire.

Get A Taste of Texas

There’s nothing better than gourmet BBQ.  According to locals, ALL Texas BBQ is gourmet BBQ.  You’ve got a lot to choose from in Bryan.  Rumor has it that the OUTSTANDING bar-b-que was why the university was located here.  The Boys in the Lotto Lab are working furiously to confirm the rumor, but in the meantime, get your hands dirty at one of the many BBQ joints in Bryan. Fargo’s was featured as one of the 50 Best Fundraising in Texas For TexansBBQ Restaurants in Texas. There’s Lew’s, C&J’s, Wrecking Crew, Church Street and Martin’s Place to choose from as well. Sweet dripping BBQ sauce is a must when you come to this part of Texas. Pair it with some potato salad, old fashioned cobbler and an ice cold Shiner and you’re good to go for the whole night.


You’re going to like College Station.  It’s tons of fun and Texas through and through.


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