The Magic of El Paso Texas

The Magic of El Paso

El Paso Texas is a big city located in the western part of Texas. It has been home to many immigrants over the years, most notably the Mexican American War immigrants. A large number of Mexicans coming to this area led to large populations being born in El Paso.

The population in El Paso is predominantly Hispanic with many other groups that have roots in this area. The largest population of any ethnic group living in El Paso is the Chinese.

El Paso Texas is divided into three sections – North, Central, and South. North is the more populated part of the city, which has some of the largest businesses in the area. Central is located between the northern part of North and El Paso along the freeway. South is located on the southern border of El Paso and is the area that is mainly residential.

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The city is known for having a warm climate, with warm summers and cool winters. Although the winters are cold, they do have the chance to get above freezing point. It can be extremely hot during the summer, but that tends to change with the seasons. When El Paso gets too hot it will cause the sun to shine all day long, which makes for a nice outdoor experience.

Because there is such a variety of cultural and ethnic groups in El Paso Texas, people can find something that fits with them. People of all ages and backgrounds live here and there are plenty of schools in El Paso for the children to go to. El Paso Texas has several colleges that offer accredited programs, so people that have a desire to study abroad can do so at one of these schools and still stay in touch with their families and friends back home.

One of the best parts about living in El Paso Texas is that it is now where near Dallas.  While the Dallas folks may consider themselves high falutin city folks, we know that’s not correct.  It is in El Paso that you’ll find TRUE Native Texans. 

If you see anyone from Dallas, you didn’t hear it from me. 😉

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