South Texas College

South Texas College is an accredited community college in the state of Texas. It offers associate and baccalaureate degrees. The college has more than 34,000 students and employs more than 1,600 faculty and staff members. The college has five campuses, two teaching centers, and a virtual campus. The college offers several programs to meet the needs of the community.

Students looking for a college with low tuition fees may want to consider South Texas College. This institution has many different types of scholarships available to students seeking a career in education. The college also has connections with many reputable organizations. However, these relationships should not be relied on when choosing a college.

South Texas College has 428 full-time and 228 adjunct faculty members. Of these faculty members, 384 hold master’s degrees, and 47 hold two or three master’s degrees. Additionally, 79 faculty members hold doctorates. Students can also find a variety of certificate programs at the college. The most common positions among South Texas College faculty are an instructor and assistant professor.

Tuition at South Texas College is $2,310 for an undergraduate. This is less than the national average of $11,829 for Baccalaureate/Associates Colleges. Tuition for in-state students has fallen by 7% in the last four years, and out-of-state tuition has remained flat.

South Texas College’s graduation rate is 100%. The highest graduation rate is among Asian Female students. The college defines graduation rate as the percentage of first-time, full-time students who received a degree within 150% of the “normal” timeframe for completion. Despite this, the percentage for black and other minority students was less than 5%.

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South Texas College is a public community college in McAllen, TX. It offers online and hybrid courses and traditional associate and bachelor’s degree programs. It also offers a unique option called a “Minimester”, where students learn the same knowledge as a full semester in 5 weeks. It is a great choice for busy students or scheduling conflicts.

You’ll love McAllen.  It’s the place to be if you want a taste of southern Texas. This southern Texas city has a variety of cultural and historic sites. Several museums, including the McAllen Museum of Art, display European paintings and Picasso lithographs. You can also visit the Quinta Mazatlan, a Spanish Revival mansion, or the McAllen Heritage Center, located in a 1930s post office. In addition, McAllen has several parks, including Fireman’s Park and the large Town Lake.

South Texas College offers an affordable and convenient way to continue your education. Whether you want to be a nurse or a dentist, you can earn an associate’s degree or complete a Bachelor’s degree at this community college. South Texas College’s open admission policy allows high school graduates and GED holders to enroll in its programs. The school also offers a variety of student organizations and sports.

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