Texas A and M University-Commerce

Texas A and M University-Commerce is a public university in Commerce, Texas, with over 12,000 students. It is the third largest school in the Texas A&M University System. Its mission is to prepare students for successful careers and lives in the global community. The university offers a variety of programs and degree options.

Students are involved in over 150 student organizations. There are more than 20 Greek houses on campus. There are 75 undergraduate programs and eight residence halls. Faculty are diverse, and there is a 20:1 student-to-faculty ratio. A&M-Commerce has a welcoming atmosphere, making students feel like they belong.

Texas A and M University-Commerce offer various undergraduate and graduate degrees. The college also offers a Master of Business Administration (MBA) program. Students can also pursue a Master of Science in Management or a Master of Science in Marketing. There are also many online learning opportunities available.

The college offers a variety of financial aid options. The average amount awarded varies, but most students will receive financial aid. Some Texas A and M University-Commerce students receive scholarships or loans from government agencies and other sources. More than 90% of students at the school receive some form of financial aid. Of those, 52% received federal grants, and 59% received federal loans. Many students also need to apply for private student loans.

The net cost to attend A&M Commerce is approximately $23,830 for a five-year degree. This includes meal expenses and housing expenses. A student’s tuition may be significantly less than that amount if he or she has the means. However, the net cost of attending A&M Commerce will depend on several factors, including your financial situation.

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Although the school is small, the university attracts attention to the area and is expanding quickly. It offers a great education and has a picturesque campus. Its students are friendly and helpful. Many students find living in a dorm is the best way to meet new people and form lasting friendships.

Admissions statistics are another factor that can help you choose a college. While a college’s admissions statistics may give you a sense of how competitive it is, you should also look at the number of students accepted and how satisfied the school’s students are. You should also consider the financial benefits of a community college. It can help you decide which major you want to pursue.

Texas A and M University-Commerce offer an accredited Master of Science in Accounting degree program. It trains students in advanced principles of financial analysis, which opens up career opportunities in public, industry, and government accounting. Students should have a background in accounting before applying for the program, as it requires an undergraduate degree in the subject. Students without an accounting background may need up to 43 graduate credits to complete the program.


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