Andrews County Texas – County Seat Andrews

Andrews County was organized in 1910 from Tom Green County on August 21, 1876. As of the 2010 United States Census, the population was 14,786. The county was named for Richard Andrews, a soldier in the Texas Revolution. In 1909, the first school in the county was opened in the area. Its history dates back to the 1700s. The name of the county comes from Richard Andrews, a soldier in the the first man killed in the Texas Revolution.

Andrews County began keeping records of births, marriages, deaths, and land in 1886. Its courts and marriage records were created in 1910 and include records of births, marriages, and divorces. The courthouse and government offices are located at 215 N.W. First St.  You can find vital records, church, and military information by visiting the Andrews County recorder’s website.

The first oil well in Andrews County blew in December 1929. By 1940, the county’s population had grown to 600. Although the county’s oil discoveries were small compared to other Texas counties, Andrews won the competition for the county seat. In 1949, the first middle school was built in Andrews. In 2006, Andrews opened the city’s ACE Arena. After World War II, oil revenues helped build a new high school.

Andrews County was organized in 1876 and named for Richard Andrews, a man who fell in the Battle of Concepcion. Its population grew to more than 3,000 in the same period. In 1982, oil and gas production in the county was valued at $1213 million. The region also had a thriving livestock industry and two theaters. In addition, there were many playa lakes in the area. It was named after the first man killed in the Texas revolution.

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The county is located in the Permian Basin region, which is mostly desert. Its climate is hot and dry. In fact, Andrews is one of the hottest places in the world. Its center is 32 degrees north latitude. The county is bordered by Martin and Ector counties, which are both in West Texas. The population is 13,487 in the city and 18,610 in the county. The area is home to many acreages of rolling prairie, including oil and gas exploration.

The county has two courthouses. The first was built in 1911 and is the oldest. The second one was built in 1939. In 1939, the telephone company cut off its dial system. In the meantime, the county had two courthouses in the area. In November, the phone company in the Andrews shack burned down. R. M. Means continued to operate his business from the town. The Andrews Abstract Company has been in the area since 1809 and was the oldest.


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