Briscoe County Texas – County Seat Silverton

Andrew Briscoe was the first person to be elected to the Texas Legislature. He was an active soldier during the Texas Revolution, and his name is associated with the county. The county was organized in 1892 and has a population of 1,637 people. The county seat is Silverton, and it was named after the man. The official language in Briscoe County is English, but Spanish is widely spoken. The current population of Briscoe County is approximately one hundred and twenty-one people.

The county was created in 1891, and as of the 2010 census, its population was 1,487. It is one of the smallest counties in Texas, and is home to about 12,000 residents. It is about sixty miles southeast of Amarillo. It is the seat of Briscoe County, Texas. As of the 2000 census, the county had six school districts. As of the United States Census, the area of the county was approximately 2,335 square kilometers (900 square miles). Only three square kilometers (1 mi2) of the land was covered by water, which made up about 0.15%.

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The county has a population of 1,637 residents and the county seat is Silverton. The Briscoe County website has links to elected officials and local government offices. The Briscoe County court is the local court of last resort for citizens who wish to file a court case in this county. It also includes information on public safety and public works. The county’s courts have links to appointed attorneys and payment reports. The county has no school districts in the district.

The county borders Motley County, Hall County, and Floyd County. The eastern Caprock escarpment separates the Llano Estacado from the rolling plains. The average annual minimum temperature is twenty-one degrees in January, and the highest temperature is ninety degrees in July. The state of Briscoe County was named for Andrew Briscoe, a pioneer who fought in the Texas Revolution against the Mexican authorities.

The county borders the counties of Motley and Floyd, and it is the only county in the Panhandle that is not served by a railroad. Despite its location on the southern border of the state, Briscoe County is home to several cattle ranches, and its population is approximately six hundred and thirty seven. There are also numerous national parks in the region. You can enjoy hiking, biking, or just relax on the porch with a cold glass of water.

There are many ways to research your family history in Briscoe County, Texas. The county has a high-altitude plateau that is ideal for hiking and biking. It is also situated on low plains and partly on high plains. The region’s geography is uneven and varied, so the county has a unique character. It is an excellent choice for travelers who are looking for a place to stay and explore the red river.

Between 1900 and 1930, Briscoe County had a total area of 902 square miles. It had twelve inhabitants in 1880 and ten in 1920. Its population increased to 4,368 in 1950 and had a population of 3,528 by 1940. The county has a population of around five hundred and sixty in the 1920s. The town of Silverton is the County Seat. There is a large cotton-producing area in the region, but it is not widely known.

After the formation of the county in 1876, the only settlements in the county were in Silverton and Quitaque. These towns were not developed until the nineteenth century. In 1883, the town of Los Lenguas Springs was incorporated. The city’s economy was based on cattle farming. Afterwards, the town grew and became a popular tourist destination. During the same time, Briscoe County’s population reached three hundred and fifty.

The town of Silverton, Texas is located at 34deg30′ north latitude, about sixty miles south of Amarillo. The county seat, Silverton, is located at 101deg15′ west longitude. The population of the county is only 1,505. This means that there are thousands of people in the area. The town of Silverton is a vibrant community that is home to a number of businesses, but there are also several small businesses and a local bank.


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