Callahan County Texas – County Seat Baird

Callahan County is a small county in Texas. Its population is 13,544. It was formed in 1858 and is named for James Hughes Callahan, an American soldier who fought in the Texas Revolution. The county seat is Baird. It has a small town atmosphere, which is typical for the area. Here are some facts about Callahan County. When you visit this place, you’ll feel right at home.

The county has an average elevation of 1,500 feet. In the mid-1980s, Callahan had a total population of 6,505 people. It is divided by two rivers, the Brazos and Colorado. The northern part of the county lies in the Brazos River basin, while the southern part of the county is in the Colorado River basin. The country’s landmasses range from eight hundred to three hundred and ninety square miles.

The county’s non-Hispanic population is 11,025. It has a non-Hispanic population of 135 people. Interestingly, most households in Callahan County contain only one person. The rest of the county is composed of black, white, Asian, and Pacific Islander. The non-Hispanic population is 32.3% of the population. In 2010, the population of Callahan County was 13,544.

During the Texas Revolution, a large number of settlers moved into the county, which became known as Belle Plain. This was the first town in Callahan county, and a few years later, the state established the first school in Baird. Approximately 91% of the area is water. Its population has increased from five to twelve thousand people. The majority of residents in the city of Baird live in the Callahan County metropolitan area.

Its population is about thirteen thousand people. Most people live in Baird. The county has a large percentage of immigrants. Although the county has the highest elevation in the state, it also has a large amount of land. In fact, there are many farms in the county. In 1880, there were three hundred and twenty homes in Baird, and by 1922, there were five hundred and eighty in Callahan.

Its population was eleven thousand people in 1990, but it has now grown to nearly a hundred. The county is located near the center of Belle Plain. Its history dates back to the 1870s. Its county seat was James Hughes Callahan, an expedition leader who was killed in the Civil War. In the 1880s, there were over two hundred families living in the Callahan region. Today, the city has a population of 300.

The first people in Callahan County were sharecroppers. In 1858, there were only four Black families in the county. This county was one of the few counties that had only white people. By 1910, there were more than fifty thousand white people in the county. Almost all of these were farmers. However, some immigrants were black. Most of these migrants were poor. A large percentage of the population was African-American.

The climate of the county is mild and humid. Temperatures in the county vary between 71 degrees F and 96 degrees Fahrenheit. In contrast, winters are cold. The weather in the southwest corner of the county is subtropical. The average rainfall in Callahan is twenty-three inches. The average snowfall is six inches. In addition, the area has a temperate climate. The temperatures in the south has a tropical climate.

In addition to the southern region, Callahan County has the eastern quarter, with small stands of pine trees and mesquite. The eastern part of the county has grasses and cacti. The southwest corner of the county has tall grasses and junipers. A few hundred people live in the north. Despite these changes, the population is still small. The climate is characterized by mild winters.

The economy of the county is based on oil extraction. There are 1,404 retired workers in the area. About fourteen percent of the workforce worked in agriculture. Agribusiness and manufacturing also dominated the county’s economy. In addition to the oil industry, the area is largely dependent on the construction of various metal products. In 1981, the county had over one hundred businesses. In contrast, the number of nonfarm jobs was 149 in 1991.



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