Cochran County Texas – County Seat Morton

Morton is the county seat of Cochran County, Texas. The county was organized in 1924 and named for Robert E. “Robby” Cochran, defender of the Alamo. The population of the county is approximately 3,127. The county seat is located in Morton. In 1924, a population census was conducted in the county. In the year 1876, it had a population of only six people. In the year 1924, the population of the entire county reached 3,127.

The county was created in 1876 from land that was part of Bexar and Young counties. Its name is derived from the cacti that grow throughout the county. Until 1876, it was known for its grassy sand hills, bison, and mesquite. Regardless of the name, the population of Cochran County is 2,935 – a number that is likely to rise.

In 2014, the U.S. Census counted 2,935 people living in Cochran County. Almost forty-one percent of the population was Hispanic and only one percent was African-American. Oil production was a major part of the local economy and agriculture, but the county also experienced a small population explosion. While the county hasn’t had a courthouse disaster in its history, it has had a vibrant ranching culture.

The population of Cochran County Texas rose to three thousand seven hundred and fifty in the 1930s. The county had a feed lot and horse-meat packing industry, and by the 1940s, there were two hundred and eighty farms. The population increased from 900 to 1,963 in a decade. By 1930, the Slaughter Cattle Company disbanded, and new farmers bought the land and began farming on it.

In 1900, the county population was twenty-five people. By 1900, the population was mainly rural, with ranches dominating the landscape. The county seat, Morton, is the county’s largest town with a population of about two thousand. During this period, the county was largely Republican. By the 1920s, the county had been dominated by ranches, but now it is home to many small towns. Its main economic source is farming and small commercial opportunities.

The county’s population is approximately three hundred and fifty people. As of 2010, the county seat is Morton. The population is based in the southern High Plains, where the county is located between Yoakum County to the north and Bailey County on the south. The region is covered by 783 square miles of prairie and has the border with New Mexico to the west. The area is a good place to live if you’re interested in the history of the area.

Cochran County is located in the south-central region of Texas and borders Lea County, New Mexico and Roosevelt County, New Mexico. The county was established in 1834, and was named for Robert E. Cochran, the son of a Presbyterian minister. The counties’ oil production has been a significant part of the local economy since the Civil War. In fact, the cumulative oil production was about four hundred million barrels in 1990.

In addition to its county seat, Cochran County is home to two small towns and four towns. The county is home to the FSA office, which offers disaster relief assistance to individuals and businesses in need. For more information, check out the FSA’s Facebook page. The office is located in the town of Morton. Several other cities and towns in the county are Whiteface and Bledsoe. The area is also home to the FSA.

The county seat of Cochran County is Morton. It is a large town located near the southern border of the state. The county was named after the Slaughter family. The town is now the county seat. The Slaughter family had originally settled Ligon four miles south of Morton. However, the county was established in 1924. Although the county’s capital is still Ligon, the city is located four miles north of Ligon.

In 1920, the county had sixty-seven people. The post office was named after the county’s first storekeeper, named Edwards. The judicial administration of the county was in Lubbock County. In 1913, the post office of Cochran was closed. The area had a Bronco post office and was home to fourteen ranches. In 1940, the population of the town was 5,000.



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