Buescher State Park

Buescher State Park is located in Smithville, Texas and is 1,016.7 acres in size. Emil and Elizabeth Buescher donated the land to the state for park purposes. The City of Smithville also donated a portion of the land. The Bueschers and the city decided to establish the park for the public’s enjoyment.

Buescher State Park offers a variety of recreational activities. You can go hiking or mountain biking, or you can rent a canoe or kayak. You can also participate in interpretive tours or go geocaching. In addition, you can rent a bike or kayak and take a scenic drive between Buescher and Bastrop state parks.

Buescher State Park is located in a scenic area of Texas, north of Smithville, Texas. The park has eight miles of trails and a 12-mile paved road that allows you to get around. The Buescher family donated the land to the state in the 1930s. The Civilian Conservation Corps contributed to the park’s development. Lost Pines are part of the park’s history.

Buescher State Park offers miles of hiking and biking trails through woodlands. Along the way, you can see wildlife such as deer, bobcats, and more than 250 species of birds. Camping is also available in the park. The state park offers screened shelters, cabins, and primitive walk-in campsites.

Buescher State Park was once part of Stephen F. Austin’s colonial grant from the Spanish government. After it was developed by Arthur Fehr, the park was connected to Bastrop State Park by a scenic road through the pine forests. A 1973 home movie features a family camping in the park.

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