Fairfield Lake State Park

Fairfield Lake State Park is a 1,460-acre park in Freestone County, Texas. It was opened in 1976, and is home to many outdoor activities, including camping, hiking, horseback riding, and nature study trails. Visitors can also enjoy boating on the lake’s 2,400 acres, water skiing, fishing, and swimming.

The Texas Parks and Wildlife Foundation supports the state park. Other points of interest nearby include the Texas State Railroad, Fort Parker State Park and Old Fort Parker, Confederate Reunion Grounds State Historic Site, Stewards Mill, and the B-RI Railroad Museum in Teague. There’s also the Freestone County Museum, housed in a century-old jail. And if you love fish, you might also enjoy a visit to the Texas Freshwater Fisheries Center, where you can learn about sportfishing in the state.

Fairfield Lake State Park is also home to a variety of wildlife. Visitors can see whitetail deer, river otters, beavers, squirrels, foxes, and bobcats. In addition, there are over 180 species of birds living on the property. The park is also home to some rare species, like the freshwater redfish and carp.

The Dockery Trail is a 5.3-mile loop that’s great for biking, hiking, and horseback riding. It begins at the park’s headquarters and ends just before the Scenic Loop. Points of interest along the trail include the scenic dockery trail overlook. The Dockery Trail Overlook is the park’s fifth point of interest.

In the park, Chancellor Union Cemetery is a historic site and includes graves of early settlers and WWII veterans. The park is not responsible for maintaining the cemetery. The park also hosts nature programs and facilities for various outdoor activities. A visit to the park is a wonderful experience for the entire family.

The state park has several campgrounds. There are many sites in each camping area, and each is spacious and surrounded by lush vegetation. There is a primitive camping area, but it was closed as of this writing. As of this posting, the campgrounds have several amenities, including screened shelters.

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