Falcon State Park

A beautiful lake-based getaway, Falcon State Park offers RV and tent camping, water sports, shelters, and a 3-mile trail. This getaway is popular for families and couples because of the diverse activities available. Those who want a more active getaway can take a walk or bike ride along the Lake.

If you’re staying in an RV, you’ll find plenty of space for fishing gear and the power to tow boats. There are many RV campgrounds in the park, and over 100 campsites are available for you to choose from. RV parking in the park is convenient and affordable, and there are even sites for RVers that offer water and sewer hookups.

Falcon State Park is located near one of the most beautiful freshwater lakes in the region. While the park is a popular destination for fishing, it also offers hiking trails and butterfly gardens. The park also is popular with bird watchers and geocaching enthusiasts. Depending on the weather, you can engage in outdoor activities such as swimming, hiking, fishing, and bird watching.

Falcon State Park has several campgrounds with full hookups. The park also has a wildlife observation station nearby. A family-friendly campground is ideal for weekend getaways with dogs. A word of caution, however: ensure your pet is fully vaccinated before visiting the park. In addition, unvaccinated puppies and females in heat should not be brought to the park.

The park is on 572.6 acres adjacent to the International Falcon Reservoir. Visitors can fish for largemouth bass, crappie, and catfish. A self-guided nature trail is also available at the park. Swimming and boating are also popular activities at Falcon State Park. The state and the park’s mild temperatures allow for various activities.

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