Goose Island State Park

Goose Island State Park is located just north of Rockport, Texas, on the Gulf of Mexico. It covers 321.4 acres and is surrounded by the waters of Aransas Bay and St. Charles Bay. Visitors who love the outdoors will love exploring this park and its many natural wonders. If you’re in the area, be sure to check out this Texas state park.

You’ll find various activities to participate in, including bird watching. The park’s natural habitats include shell ridges and bays that provide homes for over 300 species of birds. You may even see endangered whooping cranes in the area! These birds feed on blue crabs in the coastal wetlands of Goose Island State Park.

The state park’s campground has 126 sites for tent campers and RVs. It has a fishing pier, a fish cleaning station, and a kayak ramp. It also has a boardwalk that runs along the shoreline. A brochure from the park suggests that visitors bring insect repellent.

The park is home to two famous residents. One is a thousand-year-old coastal live oak called “Big Tree.” He symbolizes the park, as it has survived several civil war battles, prairie fires, and hurricanes. The other is a rare species of the whooping crane.

Located on an island near the city of Rockport, Goose Island State Park is a great destination for outdoor recreation. The park covers over three hundred acres of lush scenery. It also boasts great fishing and a variety of rare birds. You’ll enjoy a cool breeze during winter and comfortable temperatures during the hot summers.

Bird Island is home to the Champion Coastal Live Oak, also known as “Big Tree.” Besides bird watching, you can enjoy canoeing, kayaking, and hiking in the park. Bird Island is a must-see for birdwatching enthusiasts. The Big Tree is a great spot to sit and take in the natural beauty.

The park offers a variety of accommodations, including RV parks and campsites. The campgrounds offer amenities like restrooms, picnic tables, and grills. The parks also allow pets. However, there is no Wi-Fi in these facilities. The RV parks offer front-row views of the park. The park also offers guided birding tours.

The park is home to the Big Tree, a magnificent thousand-year-old live oak that measures over thirty feet in circumference. It has survived 50 hurricanes, drought periods, and severe flooding. Even the Union Navy bombing in the Civil War did not destroy it. The CCC helped to improve the roads and clear brush in the park and built a Recreation Hall made of shell blocks.

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