The Boys in the Lotto Lab

The Boys in the Lotto Lab


In our indomitable unrelenting, unstoppable quest, not just to win the Texas Lotto, but to win, and win and win again, we’ve assembled three of the finest lotto minds available anywhere on the planet.  The Native Texan team, collectively known as “The Boys in the Lotto Lab” have vowed that they will not sleep until they’ve assembled the winning six numbers for the Texas Lotto and purchased those winning tickets for the benefit of all Native Texan Lotto players.

This is their life.  This is their mission.  This is their purpose.  This is their calling.  This is their career.  This keeps them off the streets.

The Boys have sacrificed for the Native Texan team.  They’ve taken hits for the team.  They’ve endured the ridicule of their contemporaries.  They’ve sustained the mockery of their peers.

Like all artists, they’ve suffered for their craft.

They stay focused, they stay on track, they refuse to be distracted.  The Boys have refused lucrative management positions at McDonald’s, Arby’s and Sonic.  Senior management at each of these local establishments assured The Boys that they could have promising careers that would have seen them rocket from kitchen help to “Senior Kitchen Help” well before their 40th Birthday.

It gets better.

We’re not just talking about a plush corporate job.  Collectively, The Boys would have earned tens of dollars an hour, each and every hour they were on the job.

Admittedly, it was an incredible opportunity.  Most other professionals would have jumped at it.  Lesser lights would have folded.  Less dedicated professionals would have sold out to corporate America.  Not the boys.

You can almost hear the ex-girlfriends thanking God they dodged that bullet.  🙂

What they do is too important for you, for me and for Texas.  The Boys Retire While Your Family is Youngintend to remain razor sharp, to continue their incisive research, to focus their piercing intellects and shrewd understanding of chance, probability and possibility to provide Native Texan Lotto players what we need.  A win.  A BIG win. A win that will make all the sacrifices worth it.  A win that will vindicate their keen insight and understanding of life, love and living.  The Boys have vowed to focus ONLY on what’s important to themselves and to you, their constituency.  Nothing else matters.  Nothing will stand in their way.  Not hunger.  Not pride.  Not ambition.  Not aspirations.  Not a day job.

Absolutely noting will keep them from their quest to win the Texas Lotto and land on easy street.  Everything they do, they do for you.

Remember.. their Motto is:

Next Time….. FER SURE!!! 🙂


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