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What We Do – Why We Do It

Telling the story of Texas is fascinating, given its rich history, diverse cultures, and significant impact on the United States and the world. Here are 25 compelling reasons why The Story of Texas must be told, and told, and told again.

  1. Unique Cultural Fusion: Texas’s cultural landscape is incredibly diverse and rich, thanks to a unique blend of Mexican, American, and indigenous cultures.
  2. Historical Significance: From the Battle of the Alamo to its independence from Mexico and eventual annexation by the United States, Texas has played a pivotal role in American history.
  3. Economic Powerhouse: Texas is a leading state in several industries, including oil, agriculture, and technology, influencing the national and global economy.
  4. Geographical Diversity: The state’s geography ranges from deserts and plains to forests and coastlines, offering various ecosystems and natural beauty.
  5. Influential Figures: Texas has produced several influential figures in politics, music, and sports, including Lyndon B. Johnson, Beyoncé, and Nolan Ryan.
  6. Culinary Traditions: Texas is famous for its barbecue, Tex-Mex cuisine, and other culinary traditions that reflect its multicultural heritage.
  7. Music and Arts Scene: The state has a vibrant music and arts scene, including Austin’s title as the “Live Music Capital of the World.”
  8. Innovation and Technology: Texas is a hub for innovation and technology, with Austin, Dallas, and Houston hosting numerous startups and tech companies.
  9. Rodeo and Cowboy Culture: Texas is synonymous with rodeo and cowboy culture, celebrating its ranching history and influence on American identity.
  10. Space Exploration: Home to NASA’s Johnson Space Center, Texas has been central to the United States’ space exploration efforts.
  11. Natural Resources: The state’s vast natural resources, including oil and natural gas, have shaped its economy and the world’s energy markets.
  12. Political Influence: Texas significantly impacts national politics with its many electoral votes and history of producing prominent politicians.
  13. Sports Legacy: Texas hosts several major sports teams and events, contributing to its rich sports legacy and culture.
  14. Educational Institutions: The state is home to numerous prestigious universities and research institutions that promote education and innovation.
  15. Border Dynamics: Texas’s long border with Mexico offers a unique perspective on immigration, trade, and bilateral relations.
  16. Architectural Landmarks: From the Alamo to modern skyscrapers, Texas boasts a variety of architectural styles and landmarks.
  17. Environmental Initiatives: Texas leads several environmental initiatives, including wind energy production and conservation efforts.
  18. Literary Contributions: The state has produced notable authors and literary works that reflect its diverse culture and history.
  19. Tourism: Texas is a popular destination for tourists worldwide, thanks to its rich history, natural beauty, and cultural attractions.
  20. Military History: Texas has a strong military history, with several major bases and a significant role in the nation’s defense.
  21. Agricultural Heritage: The state’s agricultural heritage, including cattle ranching and cotton farming, has shaped its economy and culture.
  22. Diverse Population: Texas’s population is incredibly diverse, with a significant Hispanic community and people worldwide.
  23. Festivals and Events: Texas hosts numerous festivals and events celebrating everything from music and film to food and culture.
  24. Resilience and Spirit: The state’s history of overcoming challenges, from natural disasters to economic downturns, reflects the resilience and spirit of Texans.
  25. Influence on American Culture: Texas has profoundly influenced American culture, from fashion and music to politics and entertainment.

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