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Arlington, Texas


Dallas Cowboys FootballThe city of Arlington, Texas, is between Dallas and Fort Worth , going straight from east to west. It is a little closer to Fort Worth, but no more than 20 miles from downtown Dallas. Dallas, at 1.2 million, and Fort Worth, at just under 800,000, are much larger, but Arlington, at about 380,000, holds its own.  Arlington is the home to the Dallas Cowboys, the Texas Rangers, and Six Flags over Texas, there are a lot more Fort Worth and Dallas folks heading toward Arlington than the other way around.

Take THAT behemoth cities!  🙂


It’s an understatement to say that there are lots and lots and lots of opportunities to dine, shop and find incredible entertainment in this three-city area.  One neat thing about Arlington is the Cowboys and the Rangers are within walking distance of each other. But wait, there’s more, as the saying goes; Six Flags amusement park is just a little farther Northeast of Rangers’ stadium. It is also within walking distance of the ballpark.  Would that be a GREAT day or what?  Watch a game, head to Six Flags and take a tour of the stadium currently not playing.

Nice work Arlington. 🙂

Next to Six Flags, Hurricane Harbor Water Park is a great place for the family to cool off.   It’s TEXAS hot here in the summer.  That makes a cool breeze and some wet sliding and splashing all the more appreciated.  The water park has plenty of kiddie spaces, and Hook’s Lagoon is great for kids of all ages.  There’s nothing more fun than watching little Texans splash, laugh and play.

The good news just keeps coming.

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In addition to the Rangers, the Cowboys, and Six Flags, you’ve also got Lake Arlington.  With almost 2,000 acres of water, this lake offers swimming, boating, and fishing and has three in/out boat launch sites. Those who love lake fishing will find more Largemouth Bass than anything else, but also Channel catfish, Crappies and White Bass.

Lake rentals include:

  • Jet skis
  • Kayaks
  • Canoes
  • Paddleboards
  • Pontoon boats

These water sport vessels will work those upper body muscles, except for the last one. That one will help develop powerful sitting muscles while drinking and eating. I’m going for the pontoon boat.  The Boys in the Lotto Lab are pontoon fans.  When they receive one of their infrequent invitations to join the fun, they conveniently forget their wallets and the adult beverages.  Rather than contribute to the festivities, they rely upon the kindness of strangers.

Looks like another bitter disappointment for The Boys. 🙂

All of this action is the tip of the Arlington fun iceberg.  It doesn’t even include the other city parks and recreation centers. Tennis, golf, indoor Strong Man and Womansports and spinning are also available throughout the city.  There are about 90 facilities, so there is no excuse for not exercising.  It’s as if mighty “He Men” and “Amazonian Women” laid out the city for their own purposes.

They’ve got it all, major league sports teams, water parks and an endless source of locations to become even more physically awesome than you already are.  Small wonder Arlington residents are the stuff of legends.


Burgers, Tex-Mex, chicken along with fine dining worthy of the ultra-wealthy it’s all here.  Given the high density of sports legends, it’s not unusual to see someone famous hanging out in an Arlington eatery.

You could find yourself dining with the swells before you know it.  🙂

Like ethnic cuisine?  You’re in the right place.  The city boasts Thai, Italian, Lebanese, Eastern European and Russian food. Two Brazilian steakhouses offer top quality steak, lamb, pork, sausage and 11 other kinds of meat.   It’s all right here in Arlington, no need to head to Dallas or Fort Worth for an incredible dining experience.

Are you thinking you’d like to make Arlington your home?  You’re in very good company.  With all the attractions, action, and incredible people, it’s a marvelous place to live.


Parks Mall Arlington and several others, one with a skating rink, provide access to just about every fashion outlet known to man.  Lincoln Square is beside AT&T Park, where the Cowboys play.  That makes for convenient pre-game shopping.

Or… no game shopping. 🙂

All the malls are replete with restaurants, ice cream and endless possibilities.   You’ll find everything you need in Arlington.


Love antiques?  Many fine outlets are permitting you to live life Fundraising in Texas For Texanson your terms. Antiques are unique and they make a big impression.  They let you connect to your history and establish a truly special lifestyle.   Antiques reflect a different time and place.  They were constructed before the “Walmart Era.”  It was before quality had been sacrificed for quantity and costs.  So many times, when you go into a regular retail furniture outlet you’re bombarded by the three P’s, “Particle Board, Plywood and Plastic.”  When we think about the quality of solid dovetailed Mahogany, Oak or Walnut furniture, we think about the good ole’ days when “they” knew how to make things.

Quality was better, construction was better, things were better.  There was no assembly required.

Are you on a budget?  Do you like to explore?  There are 42 flea markets within the city or within easy driving distance.

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For the Family

Thinking of calling Becky and moving to Arlington?  Your kids will love it.   Arlington has two separate school districts with 120 public schools educating children, kindergarten through 12th grade.

There are alternative schools as well.

Prefer a private education for your children?  There are over 100 private schools educating children in Arlington.  Parochial and Protestant-affiliated schools as well as a Montessori Academy provide instruction for all grade levels.

Regardless of your faith, there’s a place for you.  There are more than 150 churches in the city.

For History Buffs

Arlington honors Texas’ Confederate past.  Arlington is named for the home of General Robert E. Lee.  Lee’s home was Arlington House, in Arlington County, Virginia.

The city was founded in 1876, although residents and businesses have been here since the 1840s.

It was a small community until 1954.  Then, the General Motors assembly plant opened.  Thanks to our friends in Detroit, the plant is still up running and providing a powerful economic base for the good people of Arlington.

In part because of the GM plant, but not entirely, the city was known as a “Boomburg.”  The population grew from 8,000 in ’54 to more than 261,000 by 1970. In two decades, it grew by more than 250,000 residents.

It’s no longer your Grandfather’s Arlington.Mensa Kid in Arlington

We now boast of The University of Texas at Arlington and Texas Health Resources.  Arlington is the home of American Mensa, the high IQ society.  Small wonder there’s so much energy and industry-focused here.



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