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Dallas, Texas


Do you have a quick stopover in Dallas and are wondering what to do for the next couple of days?

Here is a guide for the “Things you’ll want to do with two days in Dallas.”

Dallas, the ninth-largest city in America,  is notoriously popular for Dallas Texasits art and boutique eateries. Like all of Texas, be prepared to encounter friendly smiles and delicious cuisines. The largest city in Texas, Dallas is the modern blend of LED topped architecture that completes the modern Lone Star State skyline. You cannot escape the Texas vibe with cowboy hat and snake skin boot wearing residents. Mix this sight with the warm rising aroma of barbeque and you a get a picture of what Dallas has to offer.

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Going through any Dallas tourist guide it is hard to miss the Dallas Central Business District (CBD) – the heart of the city. On the outer fringes of CBD are the iconic Reunion Tower’s Geo-Deck on the west and the farmers market of 75 years and counting, on the east. If you want to take in the spirit of Dallas, you cannot miss a visit to the ultra-modern, chic neighbourhood of Deep Ellum.

Here is a two-day itinerary for a 48 hour stopover at Dallas:

The first 24 hours:

A city is defined by its food offerings and breakfast is the most important meal of the day. If you aren’t the early riser, there is always brunch. You could try exploring the eateries around CBD. A good place for brunch is at CBD Provisions. The rustic ambiance and the inviting aroma of food will blanket you in a warm cuddle. A must try dish here is the egg bowl Mexican style with bread and pork, and with chilies of course. This meal will set you up for a whole day of sightseeing. To relish the full majesty of Dallas from on high, drive to Reunion Tower. Ride the elevator to the top floor.  You’ll stand astride America’s most Fundraising for Schools, Churches, or Clubsbeloved city at a vertigo inducing 560 feet above the bustle below.  For a full panoramic 360 degree view, head to the GeO-Deck. You can see all the way to the banks of Trinity River and Dealey Plaza, where John F. Kennedy was assassinated.  The President’s murder in our fair city is a sad chapter in Dallas history.

The best way to explore a city is by losing yourself in her alluring streets. Take a walk along the shopping district and pick up a pair of cowboy boots.  The boots are a mandatory Dallas purchase.  Check out Wild Bill’s Western Store for their wide collection of boots and other indispensable cowboy and cowgirl gear.  In no time at all you’ll be shouting “YEEHAAAWW!!!” 🙂

Lunch – Fusion food mixed with a Cowboy experience:

The cowboy experience is the best part of Dallas.  Head to Trinity Groves. This 15 acre ranch houses a choice of restaurants, an art gallery and retail stores. For Asian and Latin American Fusion food (a delicious combination) head to Chino Chinatown. While there, you must try the lemongrass guacamole.  If in the mood for a lunch time pick-me-up cocktail, try the Cointreau Rickshaw. Pair up the drink with flavor packed, fresh fish tacos.

After lunch, head over to River Ranch for a horse trail ride. This cowboy-led ride is found at the Texas Horse Range.

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Wind up for the day with a craft beer:

For the best live music experience visit Deep Ellum.  If you love Jazz, this place must be on top of your list. Craft beer enthusiasts will find solace at the Braindead Brewery. Try their specialty Dry Hopped Wheat Ale with a Coma Burger.

The Second Day

During your final 24 hours, it’s time for a little culture.  We’re going to visit a few of the cities incredible art galleries.  After a Mexican breakfast at La Duni (check out their selection of coffees), explore the Dallas Arts District. This area houses leading performing and visual arts venues. Set a date with the best sculptures at Nasher Sculpture Centre and the Dallas Museum of Art.

A blast from the past at midday:

Go back in time with a visit to Elm Street. Visit the Sixth Floor Museum for everything-you-need-to-know on the John F Kennedy assassination. Experience an audio guide from the deceased president’s professional and personal life, the events that followed his death from the spot from where he was shot.

A fitting end to two perfect days:

Forget about calorie-counting for you final meal and go all out at Tillman’s Roadhouse.  There you’ll find authentic home-cooked Texas food complete with the courtesies and concern that make it apparent why the Texas motto is “Friendship”.  The quirky interiors offer the right contrast to the traditional food served. Nothing on the menu disappoints.  You can worry about the calories after you’ve finished a wholesome meal of Tillman’s chicken fried steak. You cannot miss the Mixologists’ cocktails. Only when you try it will you know that Bourbon and passion fruit tastes like Christmas in a cup.

Head back to your hotel and think back about the memories that will leave you missing Dallas when you leave the next day.

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The Stay:

For those of you who aren’t crashing at a friend’s place, there are motel options that fit every budget. For the best luxurious and pampered stay, the search ends at Rosewood Mansion on Turtle Creek. The outer facade may be deceptively Italian, but the heart is The Boys in the Lotto LabTexan. One of the very best reasons for staying at The Mansion is that you’re guaranteed NOT to run into The Boys in the Lotto Lab. 🙂

The best view of Dallas is from Hyatt Regency. Located adjacent to Reunion Tower, all the rooms tower over the city and offer a bird’s eye view of the city every time you open the blinds. Could there be a better start to the morning with a cup of coffee and looking down on the city as it wakes?

There are hostel options for those who are backpacking as well.

Welcome to Dallas.  We’re glad you’re here!


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