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Nestled in the Great State of Texas, the City of Flower Mound is a premier North Dallas suburb.  The community is very close to Grapevine Lake.  That makes for terrific water sports, fishing, camping and hanging out with friends.  Flower Mound provides a small town atmosphere with all the amenities of Dallas and Fort Worth just a short drive away.  It’s these The Boys in the Lotto Labincredible features that led The Boys in the Lotto Lab to set up their Lotto Lab and Lotto Lair at this location.  The Boys provide the opportunity to share and share alike in the Texas Lotto.  Their extensive, exhaustive, comprehensive  Lotto Research lend credence to their claim…. “Next Time… FER SURE!!!”  🙂

Yes compadres, there is an actual Flower Mound that the city is named for.  The mound is a 12.5-acre hill centered prominently in the center of town.  We believe that it was here prior to the founding of the city, rather than trucked in after the city was incorporated in 1961 solely for the cachet.  If you have a few hours to kill, we have a number of conspiracy theorists who claim it was built by aliens.  The debate rages whether it was space aliens or illegal aliens.  I’m sure the truth is Flower Mound Texassomewhere in between.  🙂

Regardless of their incessant nonsense, “The Mound” is beautiful in the spring time. 

Flower mound was a well-kept secret.  Not anymore.  There were a bit less than 15,000 “Mounders” between our borders until 1990.  Then, someone spilled the beans.  Between 1990 and 2000, Flower mound had an overall growth rate of more than 220%.  Concerned about the rapid growth?  Don’t worry.  Each new Mounder is thoroughly vetted.  The new folks must be at least as beautiful and intelligent as those legendary pre-1990 residents.  The rigorous vetting has worked splendidly.  Everyone in Flower Mound looks like a movie star.

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If you’re looking for a little entertainment and recreation, then Flower Mound is the place to be.  Not only are there plenty of things to do in this incredible community, but it’s also a very safe and family oriented city has something for everyone.  Boasting an aquarium and a Lego Adventure Center at Grapevine mall to numerous bike and running paths along with superb clubs and other organized activities that will provide you with incredible opportunities to engage and interact with other residents. 

Interested in doing business in Flower Mound?  It’s a breeze.  Flower Mound is a fabulous place to work or start your own business.  The city boasts more than 300 retailers and restaurants that are currently situated in the city and well-established.  They’re always Texas Seal - God Bless Texaslooking for customers and frequently looking for employees.  This makes Flower Mound the perfect storm of prosperity and stability for its residents. 

Looking to travel?  No problem.  Traveling is easy whether you’re coming or going.  You’re only three miles away from DFW International Airport.  That makes Flower Mound the perfect international hub permitting you to step from your home, to a plane to anywhere in the world in short order.

Looking for a Little Entertainment and Recreation?  Flower Mound is one of the Flower Mound Community Activity CenterBest Places to Play in Texas.  The Texas Recreation and Park Society  Awarded the Town the Gold Medal Award for Excellence in Parks and Recreation  Management in 2015.  No small part of this award resulted from the construction of an 80,000 square foot Flower Mound Community Activity Center (CAC) a few years ago.  The facility includes basketball courts, an indoor pool, an outdoor water park and an outstanding exercise facility with weights, treadmills and indoor track and more.

If you’re up for some outdoor fun, then Stone Creek Park is the place for you.   Stone Creek is a 21-acre park that features a complete full-size aquatic splash pad. Some of its other attractions include a baseball field, a basketball court, soccer fields, a skate park, a playground for the children, an amphitheater for live concerts and a picnic pavilion.

If you like to watch or play sports you’re in the right place.  In addition to many Great Texas Fundraiserprofessional teams in the area, there’s plenty of local action that you can get involved in.  There are sports and fitness programs all around town, along with numerous other ways to get out and get active.  For instance, take the Northshore Trail.  It allows you to go hiking or take bike rides along its 22.5 miles of multi-level scenic terrain.  It offers great views from every area in the park and is loved by mountain bikers.

If you enjoy playing sports, then the Bakersfield Park is the place to be.  This updated facility provides outdoor amenities that include soccer fields as well as baseball diamonds and other areas for public use, such as picnic areas and other attractions.

The City of Flower Mound is extraordinary North Texas jewel.  For those looking for the city with everything, Flower Mound is the place to be.

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