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Frisco, Texas is another extraordinary northern suburb of Dallas.  It’s about 28 miles from the geographical center of Dallas.  For the commuters among you, that’s about 28 miles Great State of Texason roads that are getting better and better with each passing day.

Thank you Texas Public Works. 🙂

There are over 150,000 of Texas’ most magnetic and energetic people living between her borders.  Lots and lots of families and lots and lots of children have resulted in Frisco creating one of the largest and most efficient public school districts anywhere in Texas.  Word on the street is, the kids that graduate from a Frisco high school have real a shot at gainful employment.  That’s good news for moms and dads hoping to be empty nesters one day. 

It’s a glorious day when the kids can eat regularly and live indoors without parental assistance. 🙂

You’ve got a lot to choose from.  There are eight high schools, 16 middle schools and 40 elementary schools.  Not everyone wants to go to college.  In Frisco, the kids have REAL options.  The Frisco ISD Career & Technical Education Center offers high school students training and experience in various careers including veterinary medicine, human health, hospitality and tourism, architecture, business, information technology and many others. A Pre-K school for three and four year old students is also available.

For college bound high school graduates or adults wanting to undergo additional training, two private colleges and two extensions of large Texas universities stand ready to provide you the training you’ll need to succeed.  Standing by to help you learn your way to fame and fortune we have the University of Dallas and the University of North Texas.

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Frisco Texas is nothing if not a Mecca for outdoor fun and outdoor living.  Frisco has earned the Tree City designation from the National Arbor Day Foundation.  Lots and lots Fundraising in Frisco Texasof trees make for lots and lots of shade which helps makes outdoor Frisco the go to destination for fun in the sun and relief from the sun when you need it.

That’s not all.

The Frisco Athletic Center has an outdoor pool that features a super duper water park that will keep the kids entertained for the long hot months of Texas summers.

There’s more.

The Indoor Aquatic Center has a tube slide, lap lanes, play pool for small children, open swim hours, “current and vortex” pool and swim lessons. The Indoor pool can be reserved for pool parties which would certainly pep up some gray winter days and keep you trim and fit during Frisco’s very mild Texas winters.

There’s more at the Frisco Athletic Center.

Awesome in Frisco TexasIn addition to swimming, they have tons of other ways to get in shape and stay in shape.  For example, they offer dance, fitness, hockey, baseball, soccer, softball, tennis, skating and more.

Get ready to be impressive.

It’s not all about physical fitness in Frisco.  You can earn an extraordinary living right in town.  Frisco is building the $5 Billion Dollar Mile.  That’s BILLION with a (B).  You’ll find the future home of the new stadium of the Dallas Cowboys and more on this mile-long section curving through town.  There will be family and single person residential areas, medical facilities, hotels, shopping; dining and office buildings will live in “The Gate.”



If you can’t do well in Frisco, you can’t do well.  They’re building a tremendous opportunity for everyone.

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Frisco is about 25 miles from both major airports in Dallas.  This makes traveling to Love Field or Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport for work or play incredibly easy.  You’re far enough from the airport to avoid the noise, but close enough to get where you’re going easily and efficiently.  It’s as if Frisco were trying to build the perfect place to live, grow and prosper.

Wait.. That’s EXACTLY what they’re doing. 🙂

Pro soccer and minor league baseball are also a BIG part of Frisco.  The award winning Dr. Pepper Stadium is the home of RoughRiders baseball.  The stadium is a multifunctional site.  That gives rise to many uses and many shows.  There’s always something going on in Frisco.

Frisco’s professional soccer team is called FC Dallas and has a home in the Toyota Stadium in Frisco.  It’s perfect.  You can head out to see the Dallas Cowboys or the Texas Rangers, or you can go right down the street and enjoy the home town teams.  It’s nice.

Prosper in Frisco TexasFrisco has come a long way since its humble beginnings around the turn of the century. In 1902, the St. Louis-San Francisco Railway needed a watering stop on low ground.  The railroad got its watering hole and we got Frisco.  It started out as “Emerson,” but that didn’t last.  Residents got to choose a new name and went with Frisco because of the San Francisco terminus of the railroad.

The old Shawnee Trail was a wagon train route for early settlers.  This route later became known as the Preston Trail which became Preston Road. This road goes through Frisco today and is one of the oldest roads in the state.

Now, the Stonebriar Centre, a 1.6 million square-foot venue, is located at Preston Road and the Sam Rayburn Tollway. It has an ice arena the size of an NHL rink, six large department stores, a 24-screen cinema and 165 other retail stores.

Stonebriar, the Tollway, the department stores, the cinema is only part of what’s in place now. Add the $5 Billion Dollar Mile to that and you’re ready for incredible opportunities.

Like to hear more about the history of Frisco, where it’s been and where it’s going.  You’ll learn that and more at the Lone Star Story Telling Festival in October.

The festival is an incredible time presented by knowledgeable people.  You’ll gain fantastic insights into your new favorite city, Frisco!

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