Garland Texas

Garland Texas


Where is Garland Texas?  Garland is a Big Beautiful Northeastern suburb of Dallas.  There are 220,000+ wildly attractive residents all taking advantage of its incessant charms.  According to many of them,

If You’re in Garland… You’re Good to Go! 🙂

Garland is on the DART Blue Line which goes to the center of downtown Dallas.  That’s makes Garland an incredibly convenient location for those Texans wanting a not so small town feel with immediate, efficient access to the Big “D” for work and play.  The only other city in Dallas County bigger than Garland is Dallas.

Proximity and access to Dallas is reason enough for many people to call Garland home.  If Experienced Garland Texas Realtoryou’re among the throngs that see and understand the Garland advantage, it may be time for you to make your move.  If you’re buying or selling in Garland or anywhere else in the Metroplex you need an extraordinary Realtor.  The only name you need to know in real estate is Becky Neal.  Becky has been helping people like you find their dream home in North Texas for more than 20 years.  She can help you as well.  Take advantage of her experience and insights into the Garland home market.  Click Here!

Garland is famous for, or maybe infamous for, the 1927 and the 2015 Garland Texas tornados that tore through the city.  Garland doesn’t mess around when they’re hit by tornadoes.  Both were Category 4 storms with very high winds of unlimited destructive capacity. 

Garland Texas TornadoRegarding the 2015 storm, the National Weather Service said the tornado, which produced EF4 damage in Garland, was on the ground for approximately 13 miles in Dallas and Rockwall Counties.

The tornado caused eight deaths, most near the intersection of Interstate 30 and the President George Bush Turnpike.  Police said all eight died in tornado-related traffic accidents after the twister with up to 180 mph winds flipped a dozen or so vehicles into the air.

Garland has bounced back bigger and better than ever from the tragedy.  The city is a living tribute to Texas Spirit and True Texas Grit. 

There’s much more to Garland than tornados.  Let’s move on to what makes a recreated Garland, Garland.  The Firewheel Town Center, a mall on the northeast edge of town, is laid out in an “Urban Living” grid.  Big chain stores and small shops line the boulevards God Bless Texas Firewheelwith eateries here and there and a large cinema that holds down one end of the shopping area. A firewheel is a gorgeous flower native to Garland.  The mall is aptly named.  “Firewheel Town Center” is a Main Street-style shopping, dining and entertainment destination located right off of the President George Bush Turnpike.  You’ll love the convenience and service Firewheel provides.    

Not to be outdone by the mall, the Firewheel Golf Park is right next door. This public course often hosts the Junior Championships of the North Texas PGA. There are not just one, not two, but three golf courses in this park. The Lake Course is challenging.  If you can handle this one, you have legendary level golfing abilities.

The Pavillion at Firewheel is a GREAT celebration location; it’s an open-air facility in the golf park. It’s home to many corporate gatherings, but that doesn’t preclude family use.  Families are welcomed with open arms. 

Nearby you’ll find the Branding Iron Restaurant and Patio.  This is a super place to watch Retire Younggolfers tee off while enjoying a delicious meal.  “Avid Golfer Magazine” highly recommends this golf park. You will, too, after experiencing it for yourself.

Other outdoor fun includes Hawaiian Falls Water Park.  It’s summer long fun at the falls.  There are watery oases of enjoyment for all ages.  The Splashwater Reef, at level 1 on the “shaka meter,” accommodates the youngest among us, and the Torpedo, at level 5, has something to do with launching you somewhere. 

As far as we know, no swimmers remain in low earth orbit. 🙂

There are some in-between areas of interest like the wave pool and the lazy river. There are 10, yes, 10, kinds of water rides or pools at the park. 

It is an incredible good time for all.   

Of course, The Boys in the Lotto Lab LOVE Hawaiian Falls.  The falls give them an opportunity to work on their tans and impress the Garland cuties with their legendary Garland Texas Kiddie Water Park“Water Slide Prowess.”   There’s little The Boys can’t do on a slide.  They go backwards, they go forwards, they go up the stairs, they go down the stairs, they stand under the big splash bucket. 

Yep.. that’s it… and they wonder why the ladies don’t bite.  🙂

But.. no matter, their expertise has ALWAYS been the Texas Lotto.  Make sure you’re taking full advantage of the hard earned skills The Boys developed by studying for YEARS in the Lotto Lab with only brief intermittent cat naps taken in the Lotto Lair. When they FINALLY hit the BIG Lotto Texas Jackpot, you’re going to want to get your share.   Click Here

Remember.. their motto is….

Next Time… FER SURE!!! 🙂

The Boys in the Lotto LabWhen summers done in Garland, the fun’s just begun.  The Urban Air Trampoline Park, Lunar Mini Golf and the Garland Landmark Society are a small sample of what’s available.  The Society has set out to entertain and enlighten the public about the history of Garland.  The presentations begin from the 1850s, when settlers began arriving, to the present.

Yes, history is very entertaining.

A detailed account of a resident from 1855 is built around a woman named Kate James.  The focus around this single life has shed some significant insights into early Garland.  The saga begins in the 1800s and moves forward into the next century.  Sketches and newspaper articles add even more fascinating information to this authentic history of Garland.

The Landmark Museum is in the actual 1901 station of the Santa Fe Railway.  The facility has been beautifully restored and preserved.  You’ll find it at 393 North Sixth Street.  It’s worth the drive.   

For adult entertainment – not that kind – try the Lakewood Brewery and Taproom. The beer Garland Texas Fundraisinggarden has a stage and seats more than 200 friendly folks.  The Founders Taproom can be rented out to host your event.  Free brewery tours bring people in on Saturdays and Sundays.  Food trucks and live music make for a festive atmosphere on weekends. 

It’s a hoot.

Saturday night isn’t over yet. The Garland Pickers are downtown most Saturday nights on the square. They’re lots and lots of activities each and every month on the square in Garland.  Be sure to take a look at the complete list of exciting activities on the City of Garland website. 

The action continues year round with flea markets, farmers markets, holiday parades and celebrations which are all part of the Garland persona. 

But wait, there’s more! The downtown revitalization is taking Garland from good to GREAT!  It’s designed to make it very convenient for people to live, work and play in Garland while providing easy access to Dallas. 

It’s working very well.

New green space, apartment buildings, more parking, code updates to various buildings, along with the installation of incredible new downtown lighting is underway.  The city is going to open downtown to pedestrians living here or visiting. The Walnut Pedestrian Corridor is going to provide easy access to all the new facilities and improvements. 

It will be a Destination Location for North Texas.   

Countless businesses and the Texas Main Street program have taken up the cause of revitalizing downtown Garland. Two first ladies, Rosalynn Carter and Laura Bush, have christened the square. 

This is happening and happening fast.

Texas Seal - God Bless TexasIf you prefer to both live and work in Garland you’ll find many extraordinary employers.  The Garland public school system employs over 7,000 Texans.  The City of Garland has 2,000 employees.  In addition to the aforementioned, you’ll find Baylor Medical Center, Kraft Foods, US Food Service and Hatco (Resistol).  There are a lot of GREAT places to work in Garland.

If you’ve been wondering why modern day Garland Cowboys look so GREAT… wonder no more.  Their secret is Resistol Hats.  They make cowboy hats of both felt and straw. They have a John Wayne Collection which, word on the street is, was a big part of “The Dukes” rise to fame and fortune.  That may or may not be true, but with certainty, the hats look incredible. 

Like a Phoenix from the ashes, Garland arose from the tornados.  Make sure you make it a part of your Tour of Texas!

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God Bless Texas!

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