Grapevine Texas

Grapevine Texas


The Dallas suburb of Grapevine was so named because it is located on the Grape Vine Prairie and near Grape Vine Springs, which were Grapevine Texasfamous for grapes growing wild.  Grapevine may not share the notoriety of Dallas or Forth Worth, but they’re close. They’ve developed a cachet and panache you’ll find nowhere else.   They’ve made excellent use of their grapes producing some of the best vino available anywhere.  What is super cool about the city are the outstanding festivals and fun.  They put their wine and the folks that harvest it to very good use.

Born in Grapevine

Don’t know if it has anything to do with the liberal flow of libations.. but Grapevine has its share of famous folks that give them extraordinary bragging rights.  They maintain they have more than the rest of Texas.. but… whenever they bring it up, they get a lot of push back from the rest of us.

Actress Annie Ilonzeh was born in Grapevine in 1983. She has starred in Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightening Thief, He’s Just Not That Into you and General Hospital.

Also born in 1983 is actor/writer Brandon Alexander III. He is famous for his work in All Hallows’ Eve, Really Bad Movie and First Period.

Another famous actress born in Grapevine is Cynthia Cranz (1969). She is credited for Dragon Ball Z Kai, Dragon Ball Z and Yu Yu Hakusho and Ghost Files.

The Voice singer/songwriter Cole Wilkinson was also born in Grapevine in 1997. He performed on the show in a season 7 blind audition.

Raised in Grapevine

Singer, songwriter, and pianist Norah Jones was born in New York but spent much of her childhood growing up in Grapevine.

Died in Grapevine

George McFarland, the beloved ‘Spanky’ from Our Gang passed away in Grapevine in 1993.

Chadwick Todd Matz, known for his work in the film ‘Laurel Avenue,’ died in Grapevine at age 32.


The Rest of Us in Grapevine

Just to be clear.  More folks than the aforementioned were born, lived and died in Grapevine.  If the truth be known, this isn’t even half of them. 🙂


Staying true to its roots, the city is home to 10 wineries and vineyards, some with tasting rooms.  The city is a leader in the Texas wine industry. Enjoy winery trails and tours throughout the year, including specially themed events to add to your holiday fun.  The big celebration each year is Grapefest.  It’s absolutely tons of fun.  It happens each year in September.  We’re talking “I love Lucy” wine stomping and much more.  Here in Texas it’s called “Grape Stomp.”

GrapeFest is the place to discover and try new wines and even rediscover some of your favorites.  Along with celebrating the fruit of the vine, this four-day annual festival offers a variety of activities and events, such as The People’s Choice Wine Tasting Classic and GrapeStomp.  You’ll also find the Champagne Cork Shoot Off, live entertainment, and lots of stuff for the kids.

You’re going to want to see this.

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Beautiful Woman ShoppingIf retail therapy is in order, stop by the Grapevine Mills Mall! It would be hard to leave empty-handed after visiting this mall.  There are over 1.6 million square feet of space and over 180 stores, restaurants and arcades.  As with everything in Texas.. each successive store is bigger and better than the last.  I don’t know how they do it, but it’s a fact.

The Boys in the Lotto Lab have committed to spending a substantial sum of their inevitable winnings at the mall and Grapefest.  The second The Boys in the Lotto Labthey hit the Texas Lotto, they race back to Grapevine to make wild and extravagant purchases.  They will buy things they’re clueless about to impress the ladies.  In the meantime, they’d appreciate it if someone could pick them up at the Lotto Lair and give them a ride to the Festival.

Historic downtown Grapevine also offers plenty of unique shops and fascinating tales of the way things were long ago in the old days.  Stroll along Main Street, visit the enticing shops and listen as locals proudly reminisce and enjoy old-fashioned southern hospitality. Learn about how, when and where Sam Houston and the dynamic duo of Bonnie and Clyde left their mark in town.  Learn More about Grapevine’s Historic Main Street District.   Click Here

Fundraising in Texas For TexansGrapevine Lake

Grapevine Lake is the perfect spot for a summer vacation. The 8,000-acre lake offers plenty of room for boating, fishing, and all sorts of water sports. And there’s no shortage of parks and hiking trails to enjoy the serenity of nature. The beauty of the lake surrounds visitors and residents alike. It’s the perfect place to relax and have some fun. So come on down and enjoy everything Grapevine Lake has to offer. You won’t be disappointed.


Whether at the mall, at festivals or the many fine restaurants, you’ll find anything and everything you need in Grapevine for the perfect dinner and the perfect night out.  There are a large selection restaurants that’s sure to tempt even the fussiest palates.

If you’re looking for a delicious steak dinner in Grapevine, Texas, look no further than the Black Angus steakhouse. With a wide variety of steak selections, plus an extensive wine list, the Black Angus is sure to please even the most discerning steak lover. For a more casual dining experience, try one of Grapevine’s many burger joints. From gourmet burgers to simple fast food fare, you’re sure to find a burger that hits the spot. And if you’re in the mood for some tex-mex, there are plenty of places to choose from. Whether you’re in the mood for a burrito or enchiladas, you’ll find it all in Grapevine. So come on and enjoy all this delicious city has to offer!

Night Life

The award-winning Texas Star Dinner Theater offers a humorously entertaining show while enjoying an incredible meal.  A choice of four entrees awaits you as well as bottomless coffee, tea, and water. The popular ‘Wild West’ theme has been enjoyed by tourists and locals alike and provides a fun setting for an evening of comedy and adventure!

The Palace Arts Center houses both the Lancaster Theatre and the Palace Theatre. Saved from demolition by the Grapevine Heritage Foundation, it provides a welcoming atmosphere to experience the history and the beautiful architecture downtown Grapevine is famous for.  Home to many performances and movies, it also has space for events, parties, banquets, and receptions. They also feature live entertainment and popular Christmas events including The Texas Tenors, Texas Harmony Chorus and Classic Christmas Movies.

If you haven’t visited The Palace, you haven’t visited Grapevine.


Famous Festivals

In 2012, the International Festival and Events Association named Grapevine as a “World Festival and Events City.”  The city wears the moniker proudly.  People come from all around to experience the fun and excitement of Grapevines festivals and special events. Named “The Christmas Capital of Texas,”

Grapevine, Texas, is the Christmas Capital of Texas, and the entire season is celebrated and revered by the entire community. Jesus Christ is the reason for the season and Santa Clause comes to town on the historic Grapevine Vintage Railroad. The Main Street Festivals are a highlight of everyone’s Christmas, with millions of lights, live entertainment, wine gardens, food, shopping, and more. There is also an Ice Sculpture Festival, Teddy Bear Tea Party, extreme Christmas scavenger hunt, 12 wines of Christmas tasting event, and so much more. Come to Grapevine to celebrate Christmas like never before!

Grapevine hosts over 1,000 events commemorating the birth of our Lord.  Whether it’s Spring, Summer, Fall or Winter, the fine folks of Grapevine will have something special lined up.


The SeaLife Aquarium in Grapevine is conveniently located in the Grapevine Mills Mall. We have over 5,000 marine animals and a new Grapevine Texas Sea Turtleturtle rescue sanctuary. The aquarium is a wonderful way to take a break from shopping and relax before before deciding how to spend the rest of your evening.

Family Fun

Nash Farm is a fun way to experience a self-guided, interactive farm tour before relaxing on site for a family picnic. The farm also hosts tours and has many fun special events throughout the year.

Legoland Discovery Center

This family-fun center hosts many rides and attractions, and has a 4D cinema along with a soft-play area. Located in the famous Grapevine Mills Mall, it hosts several events throughout the year including Adult Only nights!

Visit Grapevine.  You’ll enjoy warm southern hospitality and engage in conversation with folks who will quickly call you friend.  “Friendship” has been the Texas Motto since 1930.  It may have well originated in Grapevine.


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