Mesquite Texas

Mesquite Texas


Mesquite, Texas is a beautiful suburb of Dallas’s east side with over 140,000 rodeo loving Texans residing therein.  As a matter of fact, it’s home to the Texas Mesquite Rodeo.  People come from everywhere to enjoy the excitement.  The rodeo provides a Rodeo 101 on their web site to assure you know what’s what and what’s going on.  We’re presenting the preamble.  You’ll find a lot more information at their site.  Click Here.

There are two types of competition in Professional Rodeo – Roughstock and Timed Events. Mesquite RodeoRoughstock events consist of Bareback, Saddle Bronc and Bull Riding. Timed Events consist of Steer Wrestling, Team Roping, Tie Down Roping, Steer Roping and Barrel Racing.

In roughstock, a contestant must stay on the animal for eight seconds while using one hand to make a qualified ride and his score is determined not only by his performance but that of the animals as well. Judges score the ride and the contestant will be awarded points between 0 to 25 as well as the animal’s effort will be awarded points between 0 to 25 points. Their score is then combined which gives the contestant their score. If the cowboy touches any part of the animal or himself with his free hand, he is disqualified.Barrell Racing Mesquite Rodeo

In timed events, contestants compete against the clock. Their goal is to post the fastest time in their event. In steer wrestling and roping events, calves and steers are allowed a head start. The contestant is on horseback and starts in a three-sided fenced area called a box. A rope barrier is stretched across the opened area of the box and is tied to the calf or steer with a break-away loop. Once the calf or steer reaches the head start point the barrier is automatically released. If a cowboy breaks that barrier before the calf reaches the head start point a 10-second penalty is added to their time.

Texans have been enjoying the action at the Mesquite Rodeo for more than 50 years.  They’d love to see you there.

Given its proximity to Dallas, Mesquite was initially more rural than you would anticipate.  They had the Texas & Pacific Railroad running through the town since 1878, but that didn’t provide the easy growth driving access to Dallas and other surrounding communities.  Then in 1970, the Lyndon Baines Johnson (LBJ) Freeway was completed connecting Mesquite Texas FundraisingMesquite to Dallas and beyond. 

After that, Mesquite started growing.. with a vengeance.

The town’s Western theme got some attention from Hollywood.   Chuck Norris played Walker, Texas Ranger and did a lot of filming in Mesquite.  There were others, for example “Problem Child,” and “Storage Wars” were filmed in Mesquite.  Additionally, Director Ron Howard’s “Cotton Candy” was filmed, in part, in the mall in Mesquite.

Mesquite is an incredible place to live.  If you’re ready to make your move to a Texas town that Texans call a Texas town, it’s time to move to Mesquite.  You’re going to find friendly people and a lot of opportunity.  To make all that happen, you need a Texas Realtor that knows her way around the area.  That Realtor is Becky Neal.  Becky’s been helping Mesquite Texas Realtorfamilies for more than 20 years.  She’s pleased to put decades of expertise to work for you.  Contact her today.  Click Here

Mesquite folks are BIG fans of Man’s Best Friend.  The city has constructed an outstanding dog park of significant notoriety.  The Mesquite Dog Park is a regular contender in the Beneful contest to win additional tens of thousands of dollars to maintain and enhance the park.  Competition for the cash has come from Atlanta, Kansas City, Indianapolis, Raleigh and Oklahoma City. These are formidable opponents and much larger cities. Everyone’s thinking that Mesquite is the little dog park that could. This park has human and dog rules that protect all comers. Its 30,000 square feet of space includes a small dog section that is not open to large dogs. Go Mesquite Dog Park!

Speaking of dogs and dog parks, the Boys in the Lotto Lab are thinking that they might Mesquite Texas Beneful Dog Parkhead over to Mesquite.  As long time readers know, The Boys have been working hard to “Break the Glass Ceiling” for women throughout The Great State of Texas.  To both illustrate and illuminate their dedication to the advancement of women, they’ve committed to hire a Woman CFO.

Nothing less will do.

They’ve concluded that some of the beautiful Mesquite women walking their dogs would make excellent candidates.  After all, they’re responsible, they’re good at cleaning up after things and they’re committed to taking care of others.

This is just what The Boys have been looking for.The Boys in the Lotto Lab

Mesquite Ladies… this is your lucky day.  To become the CEO of the Lotto Lab, Click Here!

The Boys haven’t forgotten the rest of Texas.  The next BIG Texas Lotto drawing is only two days away.  You can play for FREE and share and share alike in the multi-million dollar winnings.  Remember…..

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A perennial Mesquite favorite is the Artisans and Farmers Market held on the 2nd and 4th Saturdays of the month, April through October.  The market is at Heritage Square, downtown, on Main Street.  The good folks of the market regularly give a portion of their proceeds to the Community Heart of Mesquite. This is an effort to revitalize Old Town Mesquite.  The work they do is indispensable to the restoration and preservation of an Retire Comfortably in Mesquiteiconic Texas town.

Mesquite public schools educate and motivate over 30,000 students.  Kids in Pre-K through 12th grade attend these schools, and “standardized dress,” is required in middle and high school.

No distractions, no expensive sneakers, no playing, only learning.  Mesquite works hard to make education work.

One of the largest high school stadiums in the state is at Mesquite High School.  Mesquite teams romp and stomp to the cheers of up to 20,000 fans.  We’re talking serious high God Bless Texas Alamoschool football.

Mesquite really rocks in September.  A “Taste of Mesquite” event on the last weekend of the month is an opportunity for the community to sample tasty fare from local restaurants and meet local business people. It’s in the Mesquite Expo Center.  Taste of Mesquite offers freebies, prizes and food. There’s a different theme every year, but, the only one The Boys in the Lotto are interested in is the theme that gets them fed for free.

They’re HUGE fans of free lunch. 🙂

After all the excitement, you might want to do something calm and soothing. The Mesquite Symphony Orchestra is just the thing.  Members of the community love to make beautiful Mesquite Symphony Orchestramusic together.  Performances are held in the Mesquite Arts Center.  Some performances are for children, and some are seasonal. It’s a wonderful, artistic endeavor by and for the community.

The Boys in the Lotto Lab were considering moving to Mesquite to become both Patrons and Participants in the Arts.  Their duffle bags were packed and they were walking towards the freeway when someone mentioned that the orchestra’s ensemble was Kazoo free.

After this troubling revelation, they refused to relocate and rededicated themselves to Lotto Research.

Great State of TexasMesquite is not just a Mecca for Rodeo and Symphony.  They’re also a higher education hub.  It’s just the place to hone your existing skills or learn a new one.  Opportunities include Texas A&M University-Commerce, Eastfield College, Columbia College-Mesquite and Carrington College.

Mesquite is a town of immense possibilities and super charged fun.  Be sure to add us to your Texas “Must Visit” list.  We’re looking forward to meeting you.

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God Bless Texas!


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