Richardson Texas

Richardson Texas


Due north of Dallas and a bit east, Richardson, Texas, has almost 109,000 residents. 

Richardson’s history began in the 1840s when settlers arrived from Tennessee and Kentucky. Their arrival was followed by the construction of a railroad right after the Civil War.  The town grew, prospered and prevailed.  In 1908 an electric railway called the Interurban connected four other towns with Richardson.  The connected cities included Richardson, Dennison, Waco, Fort Worth and Corsicana. 

Fast forwarding from the 1840’s to present day, you’ll find a modern city with a lot to offer.  It’s hard to believe, but, Mike Judge modeled his town of Arlen on the television animated comedy “King of the Hill” after Richardson. 

Richardson’s reality no longer supports the comedic representation.  The disconnect between the TV show and the reality of Richardson’s improvements, growth, and development are striking.     

That’s a good thing.

This small community is home to some very large employers.  They include AT&T, State Richardson Texas Innovation EngineeringFarm, the University of Texas at Dallas and Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas.  Richardson is a close in suburb of Dallas with easy access to everything. 

This is a “techno centric” city.  Richardson’s lured tech giants such as Verizon, Ericsson, Cisco Systems, Samsung, MetroPCS, Texas Instruments, Fujitsu and Qorvo.  If you’re into math and science, you need to be in Richardson.  Richardson is the Telecom Corridor of North Texas.  The Richardson Independent School District provides the basics to keep Richardson on top while local universities put the finishing touches on this generation’s technological wizards.    

It’s a one two punch that keeps Richardson on top. 

That’s a ton of jobs and opportunity in a city of just over 100,000.

The Boys in the Lotto Lab are intrigued by the possibilities of such a super smart technical crew gathered together in one location.  They’re thinking that these guys might appreciate the work they’re doing with the Texas Lotto.  The technical capabilities of the Richardson The Boys in the Lotto Labwork force would permit them to fully understand The Boys calculations demonstrating that they and they alone have at least a 50/50 chance of hitting the next BIG Lotto Texas.  Click Here

They decided to pack a sack lunch and head to Richardson to commune with equals.  The Boys are hoping one of these luminaries could explain why they’re still waiting for “The Big One” when they are clearly WAY OVERDUE. 

The Boys believe it will be good to FINALLY meet those who are their intellectual equals. 

All this technical expertise didn’t happen accidentally.  Richardson is home to some of the finest schools and universities in the country.   Richland College Community College has Retire Early in Richardson Texasover 14,000 students.  The school is in receipt of high honors for the value they deliver to those students.

For more than 40 years, Richland College has focused on teaching, learning and community building. In recognition of these efforts, the White House and the Dept. of Commerce named Richland a recipient of the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award, the only community college to have received this award.

The school is justifiably proud of receiving this award.  It validates what Richland’s graduates have known for decades.  Richland is exemplary.

Education in Richardson doesn’t stop with Richland.

The University of Texas at Dallas has more than 21,000 students.  To make sure each of these students has maximized their chances of success, the University undertakes a concentrated effort to attract the top minds on both ends of the classroom relationship. Joining the faculty’s Nobel laureate and six members of the National Academies are 550 tenured and tenure-track professors hailing from the world’s best colleges.  The UTD faculty includes graduates from Harvard, MIT, Cambridge and Columbia University. In Richardson Texas Fundraisingaddition, UT Dallas is home to numerous centers, labs and institutes that facilitate research and opportunities for hands-on learning.

There are lots and lots of homegrown smart folks in Richardson. 

What do all these technical wizards do after they graduate?  They head over to the Telecom Corridor to achieve fame and fortune.

We learn from the Corridor’s website:

Richardson, Texas is a vibrant and diversified business community, strategically located in one of the brightest economic regions in the world – the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex. Whether your company seeks the latest technological breakthrough, provides the highest level of financial service or thrives upon the synergy of a great business and research university, Richardson is where excellence is the expectation.


Richardson is also a GREAT place to live.   There are many lovely areas in which to rent or buy and put down roots in this exciting community.  Richardson has ranked well in magazines like “Money” and “Business Week” on the list of best places to live and raise children. The EPA lauded the town for its exceptional commuter system. There are three major highways around the town to facilitate getting around DFW and beyond.   

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When visiting Richardson, be sure to stop by the Charles W. Eisemann Center for the Performing Arts.  The Center is conveniently located in the Galatyn Park Urban Center in the heart of Richardson’s business and technology area.  The Eisemann Center for Performing Arts and Corporate Presentations is an important component of the cultural and corporate landscapes of North Texas. 

Since the Eisemann Center opened in September 2002, they have been recognized by clients, patrons and the media as one of the leading performing arts facilities serving the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Make certain that your visit to Richardson includes a tour of Eisemann. 

The Renaissance Dallas-Richardson Hotel is right beside the arts center.   The Renaissance is a wonderful place to stay and the plaza and the fountain add a nice ambience to this pedestrian-urban center of town.   

Texas Seal - God Bless TexasWhile visiting Richardson, check to see if the Cottonwood Art Festival is underway.  The festival’s been a Richardson staple for almost 50 years.  Sponsored by The City of Richardson, Cottonwood Art Festival is a showcase for a large variety of fine arts and crafts and an opportunity to meet the artist that created the work.  In addition to the art, you’ll enjoy live entertainment and features for the kids. 

It’s the perfect way to spend an afternoon. 

The Wildflower! Arts and Music Festival, around the third weekend of May, is three days of incredible entertainment.  There are special activities to keep the kids entertained and plenty of live music for adults.  There are several stages set up around the Eisemann Center public square area.  If you’re in Richardson in May, you need to be at the Wildflower. 

You’re going to love everything about Richardson, from the employment opportunities to the recreation and small town feel in the midst of a big city.  Make certain you put Richardson on your “Must See” destinations.

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