San Antonio Texas

San Antonio Texas


The City of San Antonio is one of the most important cities in Texas. It is the second most populated city in the state and the seventh most populated in the country. Each and every San Antonio woman radiates a gracious beauty that has given rise to classics such as:

 “The Rose of San Antone.”   

Bob Wills and his Texas Playboys KNOW what they’re talking about. 🙂

The city is perched over Central and South Texas. Alamo City residents are quick to point out that they’re the most important part of San Antonio FundraisingTexas Triangle with Dallas and Houston. With a population of close to 3 million wildly attractive Texans, San Antonio is one of the worlds most sought after cities to reside in.

San Antonio is known to be one of the oldest European settlements in the state. Before Spaniards took over, San Antonio was mostly occupied by different indigenous people for thousands of years. The Payaya Indians are believed to be the first people from the region to encounter the Europeans. This tribe used the call the area Yanaguana, which means “refreshing waters.” Soon after the encounter, some Spanish Catholic missionaries and explorers discovered the Payaya settlement and the river. This discovery was made on June 13, 1691, the feast day of St. Anthony of Padua. The place and river was then named San Antonio in the honor of the saint.  The Catholics then set about the important work of saving the immortal souls of the natives.

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Soon, Spanish settlements began to proliferate throughout the area.  Hundreds of families moved to San Antonio from Galician, Havana, and the Canary Islands. Over the years, the city grew to become the state’s biggest Spanish settlement. After the US won the Mexican-American War in 1845, the city’s population dropped by almost two-thirds. The numbers grew to 15,000 people by 1860 after the war between the states. 

After the Civil War, the City of San Antonio flourished. The cattle industry led the way.  The city celebrated its amalgamation of cultures and people, making it unique from other cities in the United States. Following the construction of railroads, more cities were connected, leading to an increase in the population in the city.

And.. of course… San Antonio is a favorite of The Boys in the Lotto The Boys in the Lotto LabLab.  Whenever they think they can catch a ride, you’ll find them hitching a ride down I-35 to find their own “Rose of San Antone.”  The Boys are usually disappointed.  Most of the ladies are on to them.  But.. hope springs eternal in the hearts of  The Boys.  The way they figure it… there’s a fresh crop of eighteen years old beauties each and every year.  Their task is to crank up the charm before the annual:

 “Beware of The Boys All Points Bulletin is Issued.”

San Antonio Police DepartmentIt’s getting tougher and tougher each and every year.  The San Antonio Police Department is very efficient.  🙂

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San Antonio has a rich, diverse collection of cultures. The city has an exotic past that is unique to Texas and revered globally.  The city is home to The Alamo, the cradle of Texas Independence.  San Antonio goes to extraordinary lengths to assure tradition and culture remain in touch with what make this city a true treasure for Texas, and the world. 

The Alamo Mission in San Antonio is reported to be Texas’ best tourist Alamo San Antonioattraction. The city is often referred to as Alamo City due to the battle for Texas Independence that occurred in and around the mission. The Alamo is located downtown close to the River Walk.  Next to the Alamo, the River Walk is San Antonio’s most popular attraction.  It is a beautifully landscaped walking path which lines the San Antonio River.

The city is rich with shops, bars, restaurants, and nightlife. San Antonio lights up into a fairytale city during the holidays, especially New Years and Christmas. The celebrations are infused with local flamenco and folklorico music.

When The Boys in the Lotto Lab first heard of this artistic Mecca, they were very excited.  Dismay soon followed.  There are no kazoos allowed on the River Walk anywhere, anytime.

How they’ve suffered for their art. 🙂

The summer has festivities like the well-known Fiesta Noche del Rio, which celebrates the culture, music, and people of Spain, Argentina, and Mexico. The Arneson River Theater at the River Walk celebrates these occasions with great glamour and grace.

Live Comfortably in San AntonioOther attractions located Downtown include The Majestic Theater, San Fernando Cathedral, Market Square, the Spanish Governor’s Palace, the iconic Menger Hotel, La Villita, and the HemisFair Park, which houses the University of Texas at San Antonio’s Institute of Texan Culture and the Tower of the Americas. The San Antonio Cavalry Museum is situated on the north of the Alamo. It features cavalry exhibits and artifacts.

The Fairmount Hotel is one of San Antonio’s oldest hotels. It was erected in 1906 and moved intact to the south of Alamo. It is registered in the Guinness World Records among the largest and heaviest structures that were moved intact. Located at the western part of Downtown is SeaWorld. It is the third most popular attraction in San Antonio.

Take it from The Boys in the Lotto Lab… SeaWorld is not the place to impress the ladies with your angling skills.  They get all kinds of ticked off at you. 🙂

Also located in the same area is the Six Flags Fiesta Texas theme park. It spans 200 acres and features numerous rides and water slides. It also features several forms of entertainment through the year. Other San Antonio parks include Morgan’s Wonderland, a park catering to children with special needs, and Splashtown. Kiddie Park, the country’s oldest children’s amusement park, features old-fashioned rides and attractions.

San Antonio is also home to several museums, including the McNay Art Museum, which was the earliest museum of modern art that opened in the state. Other museums and art institutions include Blue Star Contemporary Art Center, Buckhorn Saloon and Museum, ArtPace, the Briscoe Western Art Museum, Texas Transportation Museum, the Southwest School of Art, the DoSeum, the Witte Museum, and the Texas Rangers Museum.

To this day Texas Rangers stand by their motto:

“One Riot.. One Ranger”

They’re the principal reason you “Don’t Mess with Texas.”

The San Antonio Missions National Historical Park features five missions, of which the Alamo is also part of. These were labeled a Great State of TexasWorld Heritage Site by UNESCO in 2015. For adventure lovers, San Antonio has the Mission Reach Ecosystem and Restoration and Recreation project, which houses more than 15 miles of hiking, paddling, and biking trails. These trails are safe and secure and stretch from the Missions to the River Walk.

Besides these attractions, San Antonio is also home to the Japanese Tea Gardens, the San Antonio Zoo, the Majik Theater,  the Sunken Garden Theater, and The Woodlawn Theater.

Apart from the numerous attractions in the city, San Antonio is also home to a diverse alchemy of cultures. The city is home to people from all over the world who have settled and lived there for decades. They bring in a variety of tradition and culture, making San Antonio one of the most colorful, rich, and culturally diverse cities in the World. 

You need to visit San Antonio.  It does not disappoint. 


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