Bosque County Texas – County Seat Meridian

Bosque County is a county in the state of Texas with a population of 18,212 as of the 2010 census. Its largest city is Clifton, which serves as the cultural and financial center of the county. The Edwards Plateau forms the landscape of the county. Although it is not a metropolis, it has a small, vibrant downtown. Visitors can experience a small-town feel in Bosque County by taking a tour of the area.

The town of Bosque was first settled in the 1850s by settlers from England and Norway. The county was formed in 1854 from the Milam District in McLennan County. It was named after the Bosque River.  In addition to the Brazos River, Bosque County is also home to the Tonkawa, Waco, and Tawakoni Indian tribes. .

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The region’s mineral-rich soil has contributed to the county’s rich agricultural heritage. The Bosque River, which flows through the town, is a major source of water. The Bosque River and the Brazos River are the most important rivers in the county. Both waterways are vital to agriculture, so this land is perfect for farming. In fact, farmers in Bosque County make almost all of their food and fiber from the land.

After the Civil War, Bosque County began to make improvements. Its population increased from 4,981 in 1870 to 11,216 in 1880. The population grew from 2,93 in 1860 to 528 in 1870. The county’s black population jumped from two to five hundred in a decade.

The name of the county comes from a Spanish word meaning “forest”. Its major tributary, the Brazos, was named after this expedition. The name of the county comes from the Bosque River, which is named after the Marques de San Miguel de Aguayo’s camp near the Brazos River.

The Bosque County’s county seat is Meridian. The county’s three historic courthouses are the largest and most prominent in the county. The fourth courthouse is built in Victorian Gothic style on the site of the first. The former serves as the county seat, while the latter is the cultural/financial center of the county. This is the oldest courthouse in the county and is the oldest.

The county’s history has been shaped by many different events. In 1854, a vote for secession was held in Bosque County. The majority of the county voted in favor of secession, but the Norwegians in the southern part of the county voted against it. The next major election took place on February 23, 1861. The voters in Bosque County favored secession by 233 to 81.

The county seat is Meridian. The county has a long history of political leaders. Governor James E. Ferguson was elected the 26th governor of Texas. In 1954.  The Tandy Corporation was the first company to establish in Bosque. In 1931, the family founded a cattle ranch. The town is named after the Tandys, who were pioneers in the land.


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