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Make Time For Fun


I am absolutely serious about fun.  I am absolutely serious about YOU having fun and lots of it.  There’s much to be said for the old admonition:

“All work and no play make Jack a dull boy.”

It’s my avowed purpose in life to help everyone have all the REAL fun they possibly can. Real fun is fun that is edifying, encouraging and enabling.  Real fun is not predicated upon ingesting intoxicants, drugs, booze or hallucinogens.

Real fun is real.You Need to Have Fun.. Lot's of Fun

Real fun is engaging and encouraging.  It demands powerful participation, compelling concentration and influential activities. 

What exactly is meant by: 

 “Powerful Participation,” “Compelling Concentration,” and “Influential Activities?”   

It’s anything you want it to be.  They mean anything you want them to mean.  After all, we’re just here to have fun.   

I’m often surprised at how vehemently some of my colleagues reject the idea of fun.  It’s as if they’re concerned that their inattention to something will cause a catastrophic calamity that the planet will never recover from.

Yeah.. right.

Most people need to get over themselves.  Someone somewhere may be absolutely indispensable.  Someone somewhere may be days away from a cure for cancer.  Someone somewhere may be poised to deliver a perpetual motion machine.  Those guys may be too busy to have fun.  HOWEVER, I know for a fact that I’m not that guy. 

So let’s have some fun.    

I hate to burst anyone’s bubble.  Nevertheless, I feel compelled to say that no one’s going Have lots and lots of fun..ALWAYS have funto miss you if you take the day off.  So, let’s take the day off… maybe two days… maybe two days adjacent to a weekend. 

Now you’re talking. 🙂

A weekend of intense fun is not something to be shunned, it’s something to be embraced.  Our goal, our sole purpose, our reason for being is to help assure that you have the time, the resources and the ability to maximize your fun, maximize your playtime, thereby maximizing your life. We can help you do whatever it is that you enjoy and would like to do more of.

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