Devils River

The Devils River is a whitewater river in southwestern Texas, part of the Rio Grande drainage basin. It begins in northwest Sutton County, at , where six watercourses come together, Dry Devils River, Granger Draw, House Draw, Jackson, Flat Rock Draw, and Rough Canyon. It flows southwest for through Val Verde County and empties into the northeastern shore of the Amistad Reservoir, an impoundment of the Rio Grande near Del Rio, Texas on the Texas/Mexico border, . The discharge of the Devils River, as measured at IBWC gaging station 08-4494.00 near the river’s mouth, averages , with a maximum of and a minimum of . Its drainage basin above that point is . The Devils River is considered the most unspoiled river in Texas. Its remote location in a hostile environment limits pollution from human and animal populations. In addition, the river flows underground for part of its journey. As it passes underground, the gravel, sand and limestone scrub the river water clean before it re-emerges some downstream.

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