John B. Denton

John Barnard Denton (July 28, 1806 – May 22, 1841, also shown in secondary references as John Bunard Denton and John Bunyan Denton) was a Methodist Episcopal Church minister, lawyer, soldier, and political candidate for whom both Denton County, Texas and the city of Denton, Texas were named. He converted to Methodism soon after meeting his future wife, Mary Greenlee Stewart, who also taught him how to read and write. He later became a captain and was known for his battles against Native Americans. He died in 1841 after the Battle of Village Creek, an attack on a Keechi village in adjacent Tarrant County. Denton is now buried in his namesake county and city, on the southeast corner of the lawn of the Denton County Courthouse-on-the-Square.

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