Mexican free-tailed bats

The Mexican free-tailed bat (Tadarida brasiliensis), also known as the Brazilian free-tailed bat and Austonian bridge bat, is a medium-sized bat that is native to the Americas and is widely regarded as one of the most abundant mammals in North America. However, its proclivity towards roosting in large numbers in relatively few roosts makes it especially vulnerable to human disturbance and habitat destruction, and declining numbers at some roosts such as in the western state of Utah have been documented. In the western coastal state of California, the bat is considered a species of special concern as a result of declining populations. The species’ winter migratory habits and destination points are still relatively unknown. The Mexican free-tailed bat is the official state bat of both Oklahoma and Texas, and its image is the icon for the Bacardi rum brand and for Freetail Brewing Company in San Antonio, TX.

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