When You Visit Texas

When You Visit Texas


Perhaps you are visiting Texas to see family or possibly you are coming for a working trip.  Either way, you’re in for a treat.  There tons of things to do, great things to see and incredible people to make friends with.  As a matter of fact, our Texas State Motto is Friendship.  No matter what you are into Texas has more than enough great features, great people and great activities for you to do.

You’ll have a heck of a tale to tell your buddies when you get back home.StateSeal_350


6 Flags over Texas
If you are going to remain in the Dallas, Texas area then take a short drive and check out the Six Flags Amusement park in Arlington Texas.  It’s got everything anyone could need to have a Texas Sized good time.  If you’ve got children, hit the bumper cars, the Ferris wheel the roller coaster or the water park.

As with everything in Texas.. it just keeps getting better.

Six flags is open from March to January.  For current times and features, Click Here

While you’re here, be sure to pick up a couple of Texas Lottery Tickets.  The Games of Texas will keep you engaged and rocking.  In fact, some of the finest minds in the lottery industry have focused their entire professional careers on the TexasLottery.  The Boys in the Lotto Lab invite you to share in their next Texas Lotto Jackpot winnings.  Click Here

San Antonio Texas.
If your travels take you South, you’re going to have to make a stop in San Antonio.  You’ll find Sea World, Six Flags Fiesta and the incredible San Antonio River Walk.  There’s little that San Antonio lacks.  You’ll find fun, history, culture and the cradle of Texas Independence, The Alamo.  Be sure to watch the film explaining why “Remember the Alamo” and “Victory or Death” resonates with Texans across the globe.

Cowboys and Rodeos
If you are planning to see some of the biggest and most popular rodeos in Texas, then you need to stop in Cow Town.  Fort Worth is the global headquarters for “ropin, “ridin,” and “rodeoin.”  It’s a site to behold.  A Texas cowboy straddling more than a ton of pissed off bull around a HUGE rodeo corral.  Don’t just watch the riders.  Watch the rodeo clowns too.  They look hilarious, but their work is deadly serious.  When the cowboy gets thrown from the bull, and he will get thrown from the bull, it’s the clown’s responsibility to distract the animal giving the cowboy time to get on his feet and get out of the ring.

What the clowns do is every bit as dangerous as what the riders are doing.  Some would say more so.  They’re provoking the animal to attack them to give the rider time to escape.  That takes tremendous courage.

You could watch it all on TV, but you’d miss the sweet smell of cow poop.  Don’t let that happen. 🙂

Working on a Dude Ranch:
It’s not quite as exciting as busting broncs, riding steers, and running for your life, but it’s a lot safer.  If you’d like to get up close and personal with cattle, horses, cowboys and cowgirls the solution may be a dude ranch.  You won’t find yourself in imminent danger, but there’s no need to tell your buddies back home that.  Show them a few rodeo clips from the show and then roll into your own version of bravery and courage.  This time… you’re the story.  I’m not saying we stretch the truth in Texas, I’m not saying anyone here has ever embellished a story, I know I certainly haven’t, but… some say… some do.  As you’re an “Official Visitor to the Great State of Texas,” you’re permitted at least one “Texas Tall Tale.”  Make it count. 🙂

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A Day Shopping for the Ladies
Men, go easy on this one.  I always start our shopping trips by trying to distract my sweetie with an indispensable Lady Schick purchased at a high end convenience store.  I may have to give up on that dream.  Success is seeming less probable with each charming attempt.  I’ve tried to put lipstick on that pig more times than I’ll confess to.  I don’t think she’s buying it anymore.  Shopping_350

If a new Lady Schick doesn’t float her boat, if she didn’t buy the fake heart attack.. again, if she’s STILL not enamored of visiting WalMart’s internationally renowned style center, there’s nothing to do suck it up and make it happen.  If you’re in Houston or Dallas, grab your credit cards, all of them,  and head to the Galleria.  Houston   Dallas

The guys will notice that they’re a little light on fishing tackle and ammo.  Don’t be alarmed, the ladies will find plenty of other things to spend your money on.

Invest in a Day at the Beach
Now that the shopping’s done and your lady has that “Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weeny $800.00 bikini,” it’s time for some beach action.

Men, suck in your guts and puff out your chests.  You’re about to meet some of the world’s most beautiful women.  That’s all we permit on Texas Beaches.

Texas has over 600 miles of carefully groomed beaches in the warm Gulf of Mexico.  When we say it’s a “Whole ‘Nother Country,” Beach_Bikini_350we’re not just whistling Dixie.  Your trip to Corpus Christi, Galveston, or Padre Island will yield fun in the sun that you’ll remember for a life time.  Our beaches are a great time for the kids, for the adults for everyone.  If you don’t mind a little lunacy added to your Texas vacation, visit Padre Island on Spring Break.  It’s crazy.

Me, The Boys in the Lotto Lab and everyone else in Texas says welcome and have fun.


Be Careful Out There,
The Natives


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