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There is a lot to be said about a city that ranks at twenty-seventh in Denton TexasTexas in terms of population yet still remains central to so many lives and means so much to so many people.  Denton, Texas has a population of 100,000+ high powered residents that make the magic happen each and every day.  With a rich history and bustling present, Denton is an area that radiates excitement from every street corner.  From residents who boast of their town to nearly half a million tourists who flock to the city annually, Denton has more than enough fans and positive power to make this a “must visit” city that you might not want to leave.  This is due in no small part to both the University of North Texas (UNT) and Texas Women’s University (TWU).  Each school adds to the boundless energy of the community.

The Establishment of Denton

Since 1846, this corner of the Great State of Texas, has had a powerful presence and vigor that is absolutely riveting. Named after John B. Denton, a Captain in the Texas Militia, a lawyer, and a preacher, Denton has always had incredible people in its corner working for the city’s success.

Look around… they weren’t “just” successful, they were wildly successful.   🙂

Despite John Denton’s death in the 1840’s, his successors wasted no time in getting the city powerful and prosperous.   Shortly after the town was laid out in 1857, the area quickly developed agriculture, mills and cottages.  The prosperity and people attracted by Denton’s initial successes resulted in the construction of the Texas and Pacific Railway.  The rails brought in more people and prosperity.  Denton quickly became a virtuous circle of wealth and influence that continues to this day.

From the very beginning.. until today, Denton, Texas can do no wrong.

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What Is There to Do in Denton?

Texas Woman’s University and the University of North Texas make thisDenton Court House a vibrant college town.  It’s tons of fun to head down to the square when all the students are arriving.  Young people, fun people, endless chatting, tasty ice cream from Beth Maries on the square and students sipping coffee at sidewalk cafes while sharing their views with each other as they revel in the absence of Mom and Dad. 

You can almost hear the students say… FINALLY!! 🙂

It’s fun to listen to them making the same mistakes the rest of us did.  And.. like the rest of us, there’s just no talking sense to them.  What could an old fogey on the back side of 30 possibly know that they don’t?

Of course, this high concentration of young ladies is like catnip to The Boys in the Lotto Lab.  The Boys are certain that their intellectual prowess equals or exceeds any and all of the collegiate lovelies they hope to attract.  After all, are they not up on all lotto Texas events, can they not recite the times and locations of each Texas lotto drawing, have they not conducted and published reams and reams of indisputably correct lotto research, have they not submitted this lotto research to “High Class” publications, is it not inevitable that they will see their name in print in these self-same publications?  The answer to that would be an indisputable affirmative.  Now.. they just need to Beautiful TWU Womensaunter up to a TWU cutie and strike up a conversation.

Run Ladies…. RUN!!!  🙂

The Boys fear that the results may be the same as last year.  But.. their motto with the ladies is the same as with the lotto.

Next time…. FER SURE!!!

Students or not, there’s never a dull moment in Denton.  The city is full of museums, watering holes, fairs and festivals that will keep you engaged and entertained.  Denton has a cornucopia of recreational activities that will guarantee an incredibly good time for anyone and everyone.

Great Denton Attractions

The Bayless-Selby House Museum

Some might be wondering what could possibly be so exciting about a museum, but this particular one depicts the flair of this charming North Texas city. Aside from sharing the surrounding property with the city’s electrical plant, this ancient farmhouse was purchased from Samuel Bayless in 1884. He and his family lived here until his death in 1919. When his wife decided to sell this heavily sought after home to the Selby family, little about the striking building was changed.  It is now a museum that celebrates the history of Denton County through interactive exhibits and displays. Visitors can explore the 9 rooms full of artifacts from life before electricity, visit the barnyards with animals from that era, and even take a peek into what life was like for pioneers who settled in this area more than 175 years ago. With its well-preserved architecture, vibrant displays, and educational offerings,  To this day, a lot of the same furniture, woodwork, and ancient Victorian feel remain in the building.  It’s rumored to be haunted by Bayless himself, but apparently it is a friendly ghost.

To date, there have been no known ghost related fatalities of museum visitors. 🙂

North Texas State Fair and Rodeo

When people think of Texas, they think of two sides of the same coin:  fairs and rodeos.  For over a week each year, this fair comes to town and offers superb country music, sinfully delicious fare, and all you’d expect to see at a premier entertainment venue.  Rodeo excitement keeps both locals and visitors entertained.  For those who need a break from the bull riding action, the Denton North Texas Fair and Rodeo offers lots and lots of local food and fun.   The entertainment Boot Scooting Couplenever stops.  There are countless opportunities for shopping, eating, and brushing up on your boot scooting skills at the nightly concert.  You’ll enjoy big name acts each and every evening.

In addition to the concert, you can visit the animal center to check out the livestock, jump on a thrill-ride, while you stay well hydrated with a delicious smoky bacon margarita.  The kiddos can have a Dr. Pepper.  If you still have room after the pie eating contest, consider snacking on a deep fried cheeseburger basket, a sausage with pepper jack cheese on a stick, or fried Oreos. Regardless of what you choose to do at this iconic Texas event, you’ll have a blast and get to meet over 300,000 people from all over the country along with incredibly charming Texas locals.

Everyone you meet at the Denton rodeo is more charming than the last.  Don’t believe me?  Ask anyone, anywhere on the fair grounds.  They’ll all tell you the same thing. 🙂

Denton Arts and Jazz Festival

Sure, when one thinks of Texas music, they immediately hear big bold country music in their minds.  That notwithstanding, Denton has an incredibly active music scene intent on demonstrating to locals and visitors alike the full range of music available in an Avant guard college town.

Believe me… there are no kazoos allowed. 🙂Great Texas Fundraiser

Seriously though, the jazz festival is breathtaking.  Each year, the celebration displays the talents of local artists, craftsmen, and musicians. Held every April, this lively celebration brings together thousands of people from all around the area to enjoy incredible music, art installations, delicious food and fun activities. The festival boasts over 200 performance acts on 10 stages featuring jazz, blues, folk, hip-hop and more. With so many unique experiences to choose from, it’s easy to see why the Denton Arts and Jazz Festival is one of the most eagerly anticipated events of the year! 

Why Denton?

Indisputably, Denton is the total package.  The city is truly “True To Texas” while expanding what Texas is and does.  The city retains the alluring Texas qualities you expect to find in The Lone Star State while expanding horizons and pushing boundaries.  The young and eager demographic of the area is responsible for creating new businesses, bringing in new festivals, and expanding the possibilities for each and every resident.  It’s this energy and power that keeps Denton on the must visit list of everyone with even an iota of initiative.

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